Pregnancy and Style?

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  1. I'm having trouble figuring out what to buy as maternity wear. I'm a B, pretty curvy as it is, and am newly pregnant (yay!). I'm only 11 weeks along, but my belly is already growing. I will have to hide my belly for another week or so due to work issues (I am planning to tell everyone as soon as I've had the 12-week ultrasound). I like tops that have some stretch or a belt-type thing underneath the bust, so as to show off what is now my smallest part (I normally have a defined waist despite my size 10-12). I am finding enough tops, but no bottoms! I am looking for skinny type pants/jeggings that I can wear underneath longer tops/tunicas. I live in Europe (the Netherlands) - don't know if that helps or not :). Also, does anybody have any other ideas about how to dress stylishly for pregnancy? I will need some formal/semi-formal work wear, too. I could wear stretchy things (tunicas, leggings), but that just isn't appropriate for work (meeting clients). I have some things from my last pregnancy six years ago, but these are a) rather outdated (flared pants!) and b) winter wear, where I will be growing my belly over the summer this time :-). I'm also having trouble figuring out footwear. I have found some great men's shoes-type shoes, perforated for summer (like brogues, but with a soft sole and supportive footbed - brand: Clarks), but what to wear with dresses? Most flats don't give me the support I need (I am already suffering from pelvic separation, which got quite bad during my first pregancy, so I can't wear heels or anything that doesn't have straps - the shoes have to be fastened to my feet in some way or another). Examples (photos, both of shoes and outfits) would be much appreciated! I don't know if MSP has ever done a blog about this issue, but I would be very grateful if she did! It's so hard to look stylish (and professional!) and be comfortable at the same time. Looking forward to getting some help! :-)

  1. I am pregnant too, but further along and really appreciating MSP for teaching me to dress for now and not to buy too much, just what I need! So, I got some cute, inexpensive basics--Old Navy, Target, and Kohl's--I don't know if they deliver in the Netherlands though. You will need some stretchy things (pants, skirts) but can dress them up for work with cute tops/nicely done hair/accessories. Use accessories to draw attention to your glowing face:) My favorite comfy shoes that can be dressed up are the "Earth Spirit" shoes from Wal-Mart. They are supportive, have straps that hold on to your feet, AND they are lightweight (when I pick up a shoe to try on--if it is heavy as a brick I put it back down!!) If they don't deliver to you, maybe you can find something similar? Here is a link to them: I have no photos to share but if I get some I will--I hope you can find what you need!

  2. Hi bigeaters! Thanks for your response. The shoes from the link are not really appropriate for my work place - I am supposed to dress quite formally. I have found some "men's shoes" that I like and am now looking for a pair of formal-looking Mary Janes. Most of the sites that you mention don't deliver in the Netherlands, but we do have stores here, too. :-P I have ordered some clothes at a Dutch online store, which will take returns for free (so I can try everything on and only keep what I love and what flatters me). I'm trying to build a capsule wardrobe so I can mix and match (and don't have to spend too much money). From my last pregnancy, I still have some dresses (all very casual jersey dresses though) and basic tanks and longsleeves. The pants are all too big (since I was heavier last time I got pregnant), and very outdated (yikes). This is what I am looking for to put in my capsule wardrobe: - a few pairs of leggings (both kneelength and long) to go with my jersey dresses - a pair of formal/neat-looking skinny pants - a pair of casual summer pants (I've found some cotton/linnen mix pants on sale) - a pair of jeans/jeggings to go with longer tops/tunics - a few printed tops (formal enough for work) - a skirt (work-appropriate) - a work-appropriate dress All the basics are to be in black; the shirts I already have are colorful. I'll have to think about accesorizing, thanks for that tip! I already have a work-appropriate jacket (black), a cardigan (also in black), and two sets of sportswear, so I think this should carry me through summer and most of autumn/winter. I enjoyed shopping online, and I found some good deals in the sales. Hopefully these items combined with the cardigans I stil have (plus some tights) will carry me through winter, too... What types of items did you choose for your capsule wardrobe? Did you choose different colors, or just one base color?

  3. Dear Hilde, When I was pregnant, I worked for my dear in-laws, so my experience was so different! Most of the summer I spent in a yellow bikini or a pool coverup dress I loved that kept me cool. In the winter, however, my favorite dressy outfit was a corduroy jumper (red) that my sister-in-law made me. Underneath could be worn turtlenecks, blouses with a bow (hey,it was 1989, girls), or whatever. I had a warm fleece wrap coat that looked kindof like a poncho, and it fit over my biggest belly. By Christmas I could have cared less what I looked like, just gimme relief! Shoes, I agree, maryjanes in black. Try Chef clogs or other "work shoes" for blue-collar workers-some are quite nice looking now. Here in the states we have Shoes For Crews brand. I wear them all the time. Good luck finding comfort! catwomanbert

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