Haircut for "D"

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  1. I'm looking for a new summer hairstyle...I've had a shoulder length bob for years. I want to try a pixie cut but I am afraid as I am a short, "delightful" figured woman in her mid-40's. Any thoughts? Highlights?

  1. Why not just give it a try? I suggest looking for photos of women with similar facial features, face shapes, and texture/thickness of hair to see what looks good on them. Pixie-styles can have a lot of variety so one pixie style might look great on you while another might not. Most salons have books that you can peruse for ideas. Also the grocery store usually has magazines with short hair styles. Discuss with your stylist as well for his/her tips on what would flatter you the best and work well with your hair. If you don't like it, hair grows. Have fun experimenting with it. Let us know what you decide and share photos. :)

  2. Go ahead and channel that inner pixie!

  3. I had a medium bob and just had layers put in it and it has made a world of difference! Mine was not quite long enough to wear up, but when I pinned it and tried to wear it up, I got a headache. I am thinking of going shorter, but doing it over a period of time so that the initial shock will not be so great! You may want to try that. Keep us posted as to what you do.

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