Are there size 6L/T jeans for C?

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  1. I've lost 21 lbs and reached my goal weight, but I'm still a pear. I'm 5'7" and live in jeans. I can only ever find 32s in my size, and now I need to go from 8 to 6. Riders by Lee's "Instantly Slims You" bootcuts fit me best, but I don't think they make them in 6L. Help? (Also, all my capris look baggy now)

  1. If you have to, buy them in the eight and have them taken in at the waist if that is the issue. I could seldom find jeans that fit my hips that were not way too big at the waist. It's a simple tuck. Take off the belt loop at the back, make a "V" shaped dart, replace the belt loop. Can also work with your capris. Talk to a seamstress if you don't sew. You might want to try a few of the "newer" brands, like NYDJ and Cookie Johnson. They tend to be made for women with curves. Some of their styles might work for you. Yes, they are $$$, but even one pair for "good" that really, really fits you can pay off.

  2. OK I am a poster child for C and I have to tell you I got a pair of NYDJ and love them. Also, Coldwater Creek is making theirs longer. I too have a problem with short jeans. I am also 5/7 but a lot of might height is in my legs. ºÜº

  3. I too am a poster child for C! In the colder months of the year, LLBean makes "curvy fit" jeans (think C) which fit me rrrrrrrrreally well. The inseam is short for me though (30"), so get the longer lengths, and have it taken in if you need, which is what I'll be doing. They're curvy fit classic cut, and I think the line of jeans is called Kingsford, or something like that. They don't offer them in the summer months.

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