Summer in Italy

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  1. I'll be going to Italy next month, and looking at the temps, I'm in for a hot vacation! I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I should take with me? From what I understand, shorts are a no no as are tank tops when visiting churches, etc. Most of my trips have been in the fall, where it's cooler, so I'm not sure what I need for hotter climates. BTW, I pack very lightly with just a large backpack. Pat

  1. Pat, What a wonderful place to vacation! I would take mid-tone to darker summer basics (basic sundress, several pairs of shorts, tanks, woven tops, a pair of pants, several walking shoes, a collapsible umbrella, and a couple of large rectangular cotton scarves in pretty colors. The scarves can keep you warm when in cool air-conditioning, look stylish and cover your arms and or head when visiting churches. Have a wonderful time. I hope one day to make it to Rome. I've always wanted to visit there! Love, Leslie

  2. I was in Rome over Easter. I had expected everyone to be very stylish and smart but they weren't! The women were dressed very casually, in jeans and any old tops and down-at-heels running shoes. Quite an eye-opener. The shops were chock-full of amazingly elegant and fashionable clothes but nobody seemed to be wearing them.... I think it may be more elegant in Milan and other northern city. :-)

  3. Very smart idea to travel light. I visited Italy in April and wore the same few outfits over and over again. I washed and hung my clothes out to dry (used Woolite travel pack detergent).Bring what you are comfortable in and feel cool in. ***No shorts!*** They will not let you in the beautiful and historic churches, and shoulders must be covered. You can definitely wear tank tops, but bring a scarf to cover your shoulders in the churches. Actually, some people do the same and wrap it around their waists to cover their knees so that is another option for you. My suggestions are: knee length skirts, cropped pants, tanks/ light tops, scarf, powder (it is hot!) and antifungal cream for your feet (again, hot sweaty!). Comfy shoes with suppport. I wore flats one day, but never again because the cobblestone streets take their toll on your feet and ankles. No need to bring an umbrella if space is an issue and you are in a major city. I was in Rome, Florence, and Assisi and vendors come out of the woodwork to sell them. In Roma, you can buy one for 2 or 3 euros; the price is negotiable there. It rained almost every day I was there. Hope this helps! Alison

  4. Alison, I'm curious about your comment that you would never wear flats on cobblestones again. What kind of shoes would you recommend? Judy

  5. Judy, I would recommend thick, supportive heels. Not high heels.They can be open or closed toe, doesn't matter, just make sure they feel sturdy. I'm sure there are people out there who might be okay with flats, but I found it difficult walking on uneven surfaces - especially in the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. My feet wobbled around too much and it hurt.

  6. Look at the shoes on this blogger's feet. I wore sneakers (even though I hate sneakers) so this is another option:

  7. Oh, that makes perfect sense. I thought you were recommending heels for cobblestones and that made no sense to me. Thanks for the clarification.

  8. As far as I could tell, air conditioner is little to none existent unless you're going on an American tour. Maybe their finer hotels, but if you're mainly backpacking I don't see air condition as a problem.

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