Shorts for a "C"?

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  1. OK here is the story. I have had and worn the same 3 pairs of shorts for lots of years and today the unspeakable happened! The zipper broke on one. One has a stain so I wear them for yucky work. I need new shorts! Bought a great pair from Woman Within and they are too big! Smallest size they sell. Any suggestions on brands/style? I am around a 10-12, I am short waisted long legged and prefer Bermuda. Thanks, all!

  1. Hi, mom,I am a C also and I think you are spot-on with Bermudas. I don't often see Bermudas at the stores,not sure why. However, I have had good luck with fatigue style bottoms that are not too wide, have cargo pockets that are not too big nor too high or low on the leg, and end just below the knee. This spring I bought a pair of Karen Scotts at Macy's in a bright Caribbean blue. (They match exactly the color of my Old Navy flip flops.) In the past I have gotten Macy's Style n Co. brand, in a similar style. I hope you have fun shopping!

  2. Thanks! I will check them out.

  3. I bought 3 pair of size 14 St. Johns Bay Bermuda shorts at JCPenney last weekend. I'm a 5'9", 147 lb. "C" with unattractive knees, and these were the only Bermudas that ended right above the knee, had front pockets, no back pockets, and actually made me look slim. I had poor luck trying on cargo styles because my knees are not my most attractive body feature, by far. I tried on lots of styles, and this style was extremely simple and classic, so I hope to wear them for several summers. There were about 8 colors available last weekend, and with sales and coupons, they cost about $15 each. Good luck in your search!

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