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  1. I have to say I really like the new website, it resolved a lot of the problems I was having with the old website, namely that not all the pictures and graphics would appear. I looked at the terminology page, and finally, all the pictures for the terms came up! WOOHOO!!! I'll be printing them tomorrow. I'm also happy to see that you're back to representing four different styles on each page in the Personal Profile shopping guide. Looking good, and it works well, too! Thanks to everybody for their hard work and dedication to delivering an excellent service to your customers!

  1. Thanks ladies for your comments. The whole style team and web developers have put tons of work into making this the best website ever! I know we are going to enjoy meeting here as a community. There is a lot of functionality build in and the opportunity for growth and developing more products, etc. The 'captchas' help keep robots and spammers off....not 100% but it is necessary. Sorry, I don't care for it either because I have to put on my readers to fill it out every time, LOL!

  2. I wonder if there's a way to avoid having to type in a captcha every single time I post? It keeps me from participating in the forum conversations. I've already signed in so I'm wondering why the captcha is necessary after that?

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