Seasonal color & dyed hair?

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  1. So I'm a brown eyes/brown hair winter (thanks, MSP!) and have enjoyed shopping knowing which colors to focus on. I'm wondering how dying/lightening hair color affects what colors look best? With a lighter hair color, do I need to lighten the intensity & saturation of my colors to look my best?

  1. So do I still wear my deep winter colors with my blond hair?


  2. Dear Jem, Yes, same colors, since you are matching your skin. However, now you are light on top instead of dark, so the balance is changed. For example, a black turtleneck used to blend in and match your hair, now it will contrast your hair. I think you may look better in lighter colors now(grey and pink, for example) than you did before. I found this true when I lightened from dark blonde to light. Btw, you look nice both ways. bert

  3. Thanks! That makes sense. I hadn't colored my hair since my first child was born almost 6 years ago so Im having some fun now trying different looks now. One other question: I love red hair and am wondering if there are any shades of red that would work for me. I know red is for "warm" complexions. Are there any shades of red hair that a winter can pull off?

  4. Where do you find your color chart for clothes that go with your skin, eye, hair color? I have a hard time understanding this site. Paid my 39.00 and still am lost.

  5. I am a summer with dark blonde hair and light skin. I love auburn hair, so once dyed mine red. It was a gorgeous auburn! It sparkled in the sunlight! I anticipated all the compliments I would get as the new me. Everyone I met (including my father, who thinks Maureen O'Hara is perfection) said the same thing: Oh, Bert, your

  6. I am a brown eyed, brown haired winter also. So when my hair stylist used too much golden tone in coloring and highlighting my hair, it totally changed how my seasonal colors looked. The colors no longer looked right on me. My skin no longer picked up that healthy glow when I wore my signature color. I have to use light taupe highlights to look my best with my seasonal colors. Being a winter, I have to have cool tones in my hair to match the cool tones in my clothes. So, yes, I totally believe that the color of your hair changes how your seasonal colors work for you.

  7. It's right when they say that it's usually the color of the skin that decides what seasonal color you are. But "Usually" is the key word there. I have warm brown hair and amber/very light brown eyes. My skin is very pale, but it's cold complexion. For me it's the warm shades of my hair that decide main color (Autumn), and my skin limits the colors I can wear. I can't even pinpoint if I'm Deep Autumn or Soft Autumn, because I "borrow" colors from both and some of the colors an Autumn is supposed to be able to wear I look dead in. Makeup was an issue, 'till I realized that I need to wear warm colors, but foundation needs to be cold. I can get away with cold eye-shadows (makes the shade of my eyes pop), but not rouge.

    What color you can wear in your hair depends on circumstance. My mom has the same complexion and eye-color as me. Her hair is mousy though. She loves pastels, so she went blonde. It changed her seasonal palette completely. And while I looks great in contrasts, she can't carry them.

    So what I want to say that what you can do with your hair, depends on circumstance and the rest of your coloring (not necessarily your season). And after you've changed shade/color, you might need to update your wardrobe, because your seasonal sub-group might have changed, or maybe the whole season as well.

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