Undefined waist - what body type am I?

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  1. Height: 5'7" Weight: 147 lbs Bust: 37" Waist (narrowest - just under bust): 30" Largest part of waist - just under navel('spare tire'): 37" Hips: 39" Shoulders: 29" So I'm not overweight or plus size, but I wonder if the type "E" would apply since I tend to carry weight around my middle and can't wear fitted tops, belted, or peplum styles that draw attention to my belly

  1. Hmm.. I'm curious too. Do body types change? I was IDed as a B when I weighed only a little less than I do now but I feel like I fit more into the E category.. when I weigh less, I'm definitely more of a B, though. *sigh*

  2. Jen, I'm having the same problem. Height 5'10', Weight 174. I was profiled as a 'C', but I don't have a waist anymore so no 'defined waist'. Same as you, can't wear fitted tops, tucked in or belted. Plus, I'm 60 years old and the styles are just too young for me. I hope someone can help us. Zena Sue

  3. I went with E because I have the same problem, thick in the middle, though I do teeter on the edge of plus size. I'm still not entirely convinced I am in the correct category, but the suggestions have so far all worked for me and been quite flattering.

  4. I am almost the same...5' 7" and 145 lbs...I looked back at the body types, and I think I am an A, because while I carry my weight in the middle, I am not "plus sized", I wear a size 8 or 10. Also my legs and arms are very thin, and my shoulders are broad.

  5. I am supposed to be a D but feel that because of my full stomach (which I am trying to get rid of) should I actually be an E. I was a D when I was younger and slimmer. Then I carried most of my weight in the butox area. As well I am a plus petite and 65 years old. Still wish to look nice no matter how elderly I become.

  6. faye12, my understanding of E and D is that the difference is in the shoulder and hip measurements. E's shoulders and hips are about the same width. D's hips are wider than the shoulders. Both body types are plus size, and both may have undefined waists. soularchitect, your basic body shape doesn't change, but if you gain weight and wear plus-size your profile type would probably change. The B shape usually becomes an E when you gain weight, and a C can change to the D. This isn't a hard and fast rule, as every woman carries their weight differently. Some of the guidelines and tips for an E would probably help a B with a tummy issue, but her suggestions for the E clothing would all be in plus sizing. I guess it takes a lot of trying on to see what works best for you.

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