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  1. I was a member here for years then I was off for a year or so. Now I'm back but cannot find where MSP gives the style advice. Please help.

  1. ... I guess I meant to ask where the shopping guide is and where she suggests what type of clothing I should wear.

  2. Welcome back. At the top of the page you should see a gray box. Log in and click on My Account. It will take you to your personal page. On the right you will see My Personal Profile and Style Articles. Click on that, scroll down and you will find the last four articles and personal profile guides. Let us know if you need any more help.

  3. I have the same problem. Subscribed almost 2 weeks ago and nada. nothing personalized in my email or under my account. I am confused on what it is I've paid for because the emails online are no different than what I get with flylady so the personalized for my body type is what??

  4. Honnybear...I looked up your account and see you purchased the ID Me option. Have you sent in your ID Me questionnaire? Please let customer service know if it has been over 10 days and you are still waiting on a response from me. You MUST have a body type in order to be able to log in...that is why it is critical you get your questionnaire sent in so I can place you in a body type.
    I'm excited for you to start using our Personal Profile system (based on your body type)...so you can see what the fuss it all about and have fun with your own personal style journey!!!
    Cindy27...Thanks so much for helping answer these questions about getting started. The basics are including in the start up emails...but they are often deleted too quickly. Thank you for being so kind. Love, Leslie MSP

  5. Thanks! Don't know why I couldn't see that!

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