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  1. Can someone please explain the guidelines for handbags? I am a tall C and don't quite understand them. I think I have read on here to get the opposite shape from your body. What would be the opposite of "pear-shaped"?

  1. You just don't want a pear shaped handbag. Something square or rectangular should work though. That's the way I understand it at least.

  2. Thanks, that helps - I also think it shouldn't hit at my widest part, so a shorter shoulder bag, I guess.

  3. You are correct, Gail! However, this is where I can't follow the rules. I'm picky about my purses and I have to buy what works for me...which usually is a shoulder bag that falls near my hip area and I am a C. I justify it by never buying bulky bags...

  4. As a former dressmaker and wardrobe consultant, I read many years ago about body style, that your body is either curvy or "square" like. If you are a curvy person, you will be drawn to clothing and accessories that have circles, curves, paisley, etc. If you are a more "square type" person, you will be attracted to plaids, stripes, and box like designs. I have found this more true as I get older. Therefore, I find since I am most curvy, that boxy style handbags turn me off. I like softer, rounder, curvier styles. You look more balanced if the shapes you wear reflect your body's general shape. This is true for jacket styles, skirt styles, pant styles, and tops. Square clothing makes me look bigger and boxier, where as curvy styles makes me look softer and more feminine. That's what 50 years of dressing has taught me.

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