Mother of the Bride Blues

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  1. My daughter is getting married next June. We're all very excited and she has already picked out a gorgeous gown in ivory. Now the problem - Mother of the Bride dresses are hideous! I looked at the ones in the bridal gown stores and felt I should just get my walker now because apparently I should be living in a nursing home. They were all variations on mu-mu's with square jackets in a palette of pastel colors that will turn me green. I'm a B shape with a couple extra pounds, but not many. My color palette is winter, so I usually buy black evening dresses, which I know is not appropriate as the mother of the bride. I could use some help on appropriate styles and colors.

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  2. I feel your pain! I have found dresses at Macy's and Dillard's that worked well for me; I'm a B shape and a winter. I found dresses with ruching, lace overlays, and rich colors that are a winter's friend. I tried to stay away from the "flutter" type ruching because it is showing up everywhere. I also suggest scouring the internet, searching for cocktail or evening dresses, not "Mother of the Bride". Good luck!

  3. Dear Linda, How about royal blue, or a blue and green floral or other print. If it is evening, maybe silver metallic? Of course you don't have to "match" anything, but maybe make sure you don't clash with the centerpieces or bridesmaids. As she picked ivory, I guess the bride is a spring or autumn, so you could be in for a challenge. Get you some gorgeous jewelry. bert

  4. Good ideas from Anita and Bert! Linda you are right, most of the MOB dresses are ugly and bad styles! Find a dress that feels good, flatters and is in a color you love! Best of luck!

  5. Choose a color you love that goes well with the bride's flowers and bridesmaides' dresses, but doesn't make you look like one of them. Go for a cocktail style dress, simple but one you would like to wear more than once.And remember, the mother of the bride gets to choose what she likes and the groom's mother gets a style and color that complements it. Have fun.

  6. My daughter got married 2 weeks ago and I have the same body type as you. I am also a winter. I found a skirt and jacket with matching tank top in a satiny fabric at Dillards. The brand is Alex Evening. I prefer tailored styles and that fit the bill, but the fabric was soft and feminine. AND, it was petitie! (I struggle to find age appropriate petite clothing so I was very pleased with my find.)

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