My Body Type IS "E" but I'm not in a plus size

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  1. I purchased a membership for E and when I received the newsletter, I realized that all of the recommendations would be for Plus size clothing. So, I requested a change to a C type. But, this doesn't seem right to me because I do have broad shoulders, a large bust, and wide hips (like it Says in E). Does anyone else have this issue? What did you do? I was thinking that I should buy two memberships - one for B (to cover my top half) and one for C (to cover my bottom half). Any other suggestions?

  1. When you look into a full-length mirror, look at your shoulder width in comparison to your hip width. If they are the same and your waist is smaller, you are a B. If you were a C, your shoulder width would be narrower than your hips. It's all about the proportion of shoulder width to hip width when looking at yourself straight on. E is the plus size for B body type, and D is the plus size for C body type.

  2. Thank you Cindy. That is so helpful!

  3. Thank you Cindy. That is so helpful!

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