Best fabric for year round wear

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  1. I am a new member and recently purchased the Style e-book. This is a helpful tool! I have purged my closet and starting to develop a plan to build up my "basic pieces". It turns out that I only need a few things! One of the items that I need to invest in is a quality pair of black pants for work. However, if I am going to spend a bit more on long lasting pants, I wonder if you have any advice on the fabric? I am realizing that there is wool, wool-crepe, merino wool....any guidance is appreciated.

  1. Hi Amanda - has some detailed information on fabric for men's suits - but the descriptions of the fabric types would apply equally for women's suits. Overall, I think a blend of wool and polyester or a lightweight gabardine wool would be best. One idea is to check the labels at a high quality store like Nordstrom to see what fabric is used in the clothes that appeal to you and then scour the thrift stores for similar pieces. I hope that helps. :)

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