Body Type B: What Can't You Wear?

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  1. Since joining 2 years ago, I finally feel like I'm starting to figure out what does and doesn't look good on me. Shopping has become so much easier! I'm curious what other B's have discovered doesn't look good on their body type. I loss 30 lbs over the last couple of years, dropping from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8 and you know what? I still can't wear skinny jeans and I cannot even think of trying on jeans from the jr. dept! They just don't look good on me. I stick with the mid rise, flat front boot cut jeans that Leslie recommends and I looked much slimmer! Sometimes Leslie has a few tunics with a lot of detail on the neck. I've tried those but never look good in a tunic. They always make me look bigger. I try to always define my waist in some way for the best look. Has anyone else discovered some things they can't wear?

  1. I am a body type B and I can wear skinny jeans, but only with a longer sweater to cover the bum and boots to balance the bottom...and its not my best look. I recently ordered some skinny crops, and they looked so horrible! Sometimes I have fun by trying on the latest trends that MSP does not recommend to see why she doesn't recommend them :) The skinny jean movement has made me realize that I really am "curvy" and a grown up. The trends right now are not for me! Tunic tops=X. Extra long tops that come down to the thigh area=X. Crops make me look stumpy and chubby=X. Boxy tops=X. Rectangular shaped, long sweaters=X. What are other B's wearing this summer that works? I bought some cute summer skirts and have gotten some compliments.

  2. I can't wear the same styles either. If tops are too long I tend to tuck them under a bit. That is a trick l learned long time ago. Before there were petites. Wide pants do not flatter me any more. I stick to straight leg pants and narrow crops. Even when I wear petites the sleeves are too long, so they are always rolled up at least once. Because of a very generous bust size the only material I can wear is knits whose sleeves are hard to alter. I look for tops that nip in a bit at the waist and that drape well. Crisp fabrics just stick out making me look very boxy. Debbie

  3. I would agree kayburge, that I cannot wear any of the things you mentioned either. I do wear crops but only if they fall below my calf at the slimmest part. For summer, I bought several dresses which is a big change for me. I want to get out of my shorts' rut and look a little more feminine. Here's one of my favorite dresses.

  4. I looked the dress link you posted and that is a pretty dress. I like the bright colors. Do you wear a strapless bra under it. I can't go bra-less. I always wonder what people do with sundresses and since I don't know, I just don't wear them even though I'd like to. The clothing I that looks good on my 5'1" B shape is about the same as the earlier posters. I look for tops that have some shape built in at the side seams. I don't look good in skinny jeans, tunics, or longer dresses. Most of MSP's suggestions are OK for me except for the longer tops.

  5. Yes, I do wear a strapless bra with it. There's no way I'd go bra-less either! I try to get tops and dresses with thick strap so I can wear a regular bra but I couldn't resist this dress. If it has one fault, I'd say, I just wish it had thick straps. I must admit, I've been tempted when I see all the beautiful maxi dresses out there to try one on but I doubt it will look good on me.

  6. I have a bra with see thru plastic straps that I wear under sundresses. I think I got it at Kohl's or Penney's a few years ago. I actually haven't thought if MSP would think that's a good solution. I get compliments from other women about my see-though straps, though.

  7. Hi.. I'm a heavy B and tunics work for me but only in the right length which is hard to find -- they have to fall at the right place on my hip, and preferably they should have slits at the hip. I don't wear skinny jeans but I wear leggings with dresses and skirts. I just bought a strapless bra t HerRoom but can't tell you yet if it's going to work for me. Like the idea of a bra with see-through straps.. that way you get support but aren't showing the world your straps!

  8. What influences what I can't wear is mainly my long torso. I had a lightbulb moment some time ago when MSP did a 'measure your proportions' week. Suddenly I understood why some things just looked rubbish on me! Low-slung jeans: make my legs look stumpy. Long tunics or cardigans: make my legs look stumpy. Untucked shirts: too much torso! But high-waisted skirts: give me a nice trim torso shape. Monochromatic top and bottom plus bolero-type cardigan: make my legs look long. It's amazing! L.

  9. I'm a busty B and I have to admit I don't like see-through bra straps. They pick up the light and look different than my skin because of that. I sometimes wear a sturdy strapless bra (only works for me if the dress stays up because it has some boning in it) but I prefer to just choose dresses with a (very) wide strap or even a cap sleeve. I'm relatively tall (5'7") and don't have a relatively long torso or long legs - but I CAN wear tunics, as long as they're defined in the waist or slightly higher (just below the bosom). If I really love a shirt, but it's not as defined in the waist as I'd like, I sometimes use an extra-wide piece of ribbon as a belt (I coordinate the ribbon with the bottom, so black skinny pants, printed top with a black ribbon). Boxy anything looks horrible on me! Anything straight with no waist to it, really. Boat neck anything: nonono! I need a scoop neck or a V-neck to balance out my bust. Also anything with too-wide puff sleeves or shoulder pads makes me look like a football player in full gear (I have rather wide shoulders). A small shoulder pad will work, though - a nice fitted jacket makes me look slimmer than I am. Straight-legged pants or jeans make my legs look longer and leaner. Bootcut, especially the kind that is tight around the knee, makes me look a little curvier than I'd like... not good. :-)

  10. I pretty much agree with everyone. No skinnies, tunics, or loose-flowing clothes for me. They add pounds and take away from my shape. And I've worked hard to lose 25#, two pants sizes, and working to lose more so that last thing I want to do is add pounds!! Since I also have broad shoulders, no puffy-sleeves, wide-set sleeves or padded shoulders. The basic button-down shirt doesn't flatter. Those with princess seams are better but they're still not a great look on me. I pretty much stick to v- or scoop-neck tops, in thin knits, modal, cotton-blends with lycra, etc. Flat-front pants, preferably boot-cut that are fitted through the knee, and fitted jackets/blazers/sweaters (button-up or zip-up) in very simple styles without embellishments, pockets, etc. The few skirts I own are either a-line or straight. Dresses are usually mock-wraps although my current favorite is a simple t-shirt dress that is shaped through the torso so I don't look boxy or square. Very nice. Wish it came in more colors. Shorts are usually fitted (but not tight like skinnies) and knee-length. I no longer do capris as, with the lost weight, I feel just as comfortable in the Bermudas, the length is more flattering and work in all the same situations where I used to wear capris. My style is minimalist as I don't like frou-frou so this works well for me. I try to be inventive with my mixing of colors (I do a lot of opposites on the color-wheel type of things) and through my use of accessories. I have scads of scarves and interesting costume jewelry pieces, lots of interesting shoes in various colors and prints, and bags. I actually have more accessories than I have clothes! There are a lot of fads that I could never wear but, at my age, following fads isn't a big deal to me. I tend to stick to relatively classic shapes, always have, since I hate to shop and I want my clothes to last a long time without looking dated.

  11. One thing I learned on another site that I found helpful is that you first have to find which is your widest part on your hips/thighs and then your tops should end at least 3" above or below that point. That helped me so much in figuring out where to end my tops. I'm a body type B but my widest part is at my hip bone, unlike many B's that have their widest part at their hips, so ending my tops at the hip bone is really bad for me. I end them at my leg break, which is 3" below my widest part. 3" above would be my natural waist, so I can wear shorter tops, but only with a pencil skirt, never with pants. Also, I look best in straight legged pants, not boot cuts, and only pencil skirts, not A-line ones.

  12. I agree with most comments. I am guessing we are not the hardest of the types to fit! I do bermudas and long pants, not capris nor short shorts, but also have a pair of pale pink floral-patterned fatigue-style bottoms that hit at the widest part of my calf, yet, remarkably, look terrific. Current fave: Old Navy Danskin exercise shorts, terry type material, in popsicle blue that are comfy and flattering. Tops that look best are solid color, v or scoop neck, form-fitting, any sleeve length. Long skirts are good if the material is light and floaty. Too much fabric at the waist looks terrible. When I lived up north, I liked the look of a blouse under a sweater with tweedy bottoms. On me, all the layers bunched up at the waist and ribs and made me look lumpy, shapeless and sloppy. Boxy jacket X, heavy tights X, big belt buckle X, chunky socks X, oversize anything X. Shirred good.

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