Skirts for petite E

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  1. I am a petite E with rather thick legs. I hardly ever wear and dress and I don't own any skirts. I am also old enough that I prefer comfortable shoes which means I'm not wearing heels. Has anyone with similar issues found skirts that look nice? The weekly suggestions usually show pencil skirts and I just can't imagine they would be very flattering.

  1. I keep getting pencil skirts in my suggestions too so what I am going to do is go try some on when I get a chance. Otherwise, I'll stick with my tried-and-true a-lines.

  2. I think you just need to make sure that the length is right on that pencil skirt. I'm very petite myself and pretty sure any skirt that I buy will need to be tailored. Paula, I think a good chunky heel that isn't too high would be more comfortable even than flats. I love chunky heels and wedges for comfort.

  3. Yes, the wedges work great- very comfy! I'm a petite E as well. I love my heels but have to walk around quite a bit at work so I stick to wedges and lower heels there.

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