Help! I'm a WINTER????

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  1. I am quite new at all this, having joined just this month.I just received the results of my color analysis, and MissusSmartyPants says I'm a winter. After the initial panic, I looked closer at the color choices and there are a few I love and wear quite a bit already. I guess I just need some reassurance that I'm not the only person who ever felt like this. And if you have any advice on where to start, I welcome it. I'm a full time wife, style "e" and my entire wardrobe is blue jeans and t- shirts. I do have 1 dress, and it's not in one of my colors.

  1. Hey there - I'm a Winter too! Thankfully I had some pieces in the right colors even if a good chunk of my work wardrobe was in browns. I am replacing as I can, even if it's a single shirt or pair of pants at a time. A few things are giving me twinges such as the first piece of cashmere I ever bought for myself - it's rust colored so it needs to go but I feel bad about giving it away to a charity shop. I think I will just give it to a friend's mom so that it feels more personal and special than just giving it away.

  2. I recently got my color analysis and had pretty much the same reaction! When I'd done the analysis myself I'd never come up with winter. Then again, the colors predicted never seemed to fit anyway. After I got over being startled, I realized that the colors she picked for me matched some of the favorite items in my closet. Gee, I guess that's why I hired a professional, duh! :) You are not alone. As for where to start, look at the "Must Have Basics for Your Wardrobe" article on your profile page. It really is helpful in getting started building a wardrobe.

  3. I had the same reaction since I have light skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. I was told to wear the lighter, icy winter colors. I have none and was not sure what to wear. This season is all about navy so I am using that with the icy blue that's in now as my basic colors. I'm using black and white for my neutrals. I had to give away all of my browns and tans (there were ALOT of those in my wardrobe). Now I just need to scale back the right fit for my body type (B) and figure out what to purchase!

  4. I'm a B Winter and just discovered I currently own nothing that's a non-black winter color BUT my favorite clothes in the past were winter colors. I never put the connection together. I'm just starting to shop for new clothes so no advice here but wishing us both luck! :)

  5. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. This is a completely new thing for me, I guess I just needed to hear I was not alone. Good luck to all of us! Laura

  6. I'm a winter as well. I call myself "Snow White" as MSP says. :-) I take my color chart with me and everyone always asks about it. It helps so much!! It was mostly colored I was already using except for one thing. I was wearing so much brown and it was not in my color palette at ALL!! It just doesn't look good on me, but brown is everywhere.

  7. Laura, Run out right now and see clearance racks full of winter colors!

  8. I'm a winter too! When I got the results, though, I was surprised that I was told I'm a light winter. I kept wondering whether my skin tone was enough to put me in the darker category (I'm a medium dark, typical European skin tone) but it looks like I'm right on the border before stepping into dark winter territory. I had a hard time choosing my capsule colors after choosing my neutrals because I love so many of the colors that it's hard to choose. However, you can't choose too many or you'll have no clear basic wardrobe to start and build off from. What I did to choose my colors is go into my closet to look if I had a patterned blouse with my winter colors in it. Turns out I did! I found a very pretty shirt with an abstract flower pattern, and the colors were aubergine, raspberry, fuchsia, blue and black. I try to get most of my other basics in these colors, but then I allow my accent colors (accessory colors) to branch out about with true blue, peacock teal, yellow, mint green, emerald green, and red. These colors aren't the stars of the show, just the things that make the outfit pop once the other colors (neutrals and maybe one or two other capsule colors) are established. For example, I could have an outfit made up of a white button up, cobalt blue cropped lace blazer, black pencil skirt, black hose, black heels (or ankle booties...oor heeled mary janes!), and medium-sized silver filigree earrings with a yellow bead made to look like a precious stone. The true blue blazer is the star of the show because of the saturation of the color and the texture, and the little pop of yellow goes well with the blue because they're complementary colors. The black and white are both winter neutrals, and having the black hose and shoes makes your legs look longer. My goal is to minimize my hips since I'm a C, so the bright blazer on top brings the eyes upward, while the black on bottom minimizes my shape. I chose the pencil skirt to go with the cropped blazer because the skirt is longer and so to balance it you need the cropped blazer (though I'm sure it will still work with a normal sized blazer that hits at the hip bone). I think a thin belt in yellow around the top of the pencil skirt (the narrowest part of the waist) would look nice too, and would tie into the tiny pop of yellow in the earrings. Hope that helped! Sorry if I wrote too much, but when I get interested in something I like to plunge deep and see how much I can learn about it. And frankly, fashion can be really fun! :)

  9. Sug, perhaps your skin is lighter than you perceive...I never thought of my brown hair as "light" until I moved to an area where the population is not overwhelmingly Northern European in origin, as where I grew up. Here I have been surprised to be called blonde.

  10. Oh also... I did a lot of reading about color profiles in the fall. Some of the recent books are subdividing the seasons more, and including "crossover" seasons: such as a "deep winter" which is a winter leaning toward fall. That person usually has dark brown eyes, and possibly a bit of red/golden undertone to hair. She can also wear some of the "fall" colors, such as chocolate brown, maroon, etc. Especially for bottoms, I personally consider deep brown to work for my brand of winter... Seems to me it might not be necessary for you to toss all of those items, either, as long as they go with your other colors.

  11. Some wonderful encouragement and ideas here, thanks so much!I went Thrift-storing last weekend and got myself new jeans, a blue dress, black pants, blue skirt and a WONDERFULL purple handbag. I still do not have the basic wardrobe put together but its a good start. I do have one small problem- the jeans I bought fit very comfortably around the wait, but in the crotch area they are just way too baggy. How do I fix this? When I tried on jeans that fit well there they were too tight around the waist, giving me that "muffin top" look.

  12. I have the same issue with a lot of jeans. I am an A (so not very curvy) and find that jeans that fit in the waist are often too loose through the hips, and ones that fit through the hips are often too tight in the waist. The best way that I have found to fight this is to buy jeans with just a tiny bit of stretch in them :) I think this would help no matter which shape you are. I love Buffalo David Bitton jeans for this reason, I used to dread jean shopping before finding them.

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