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  1. On the wardrobe basics list, what is the different between work pants and evening pants?

  1. @desiree.plemons To me, work pants are slacks. They are usually made of a cotton/polyester blend fabric with no sheen and also very structured in fit. It could also be a suit pant. Evening pants can be made of a more fluid fabric, even sheer fabric with a lining, velvet, or soft fluid knit. They may also have a sheen. Recently, I have seen ankle pants in shantung silk that were worn with embellished tunics and heels. You will know if a pant is not appropriate for the workplace. Some pants that are soft knits (Chicos Travelers pants) can be "dressed up" or "dressed down" for work, depending on your work environment. I own two pair of evening pants, a pair of dark brown velvet pants and a pair of off-white polyester/crepe pilazzo pants that are lined. I can pair them with different blouses or sweaters to achieve different looks during the holiday season or special events such as weddings. To get the best deals, shop after New Year's and prom season (May and June). It's always nice to know you already have something special to wear when these occasional events pop up. Good luck!

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