Style Recipes Here We Come-- Ideas for Closet Organization to Support

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  1. What are your closet organization ideas for making our closets great for easily making Style Recipes? HANGERS--NON SLIP MSP suggests two closet hangers for closet purge and redo. Has anyone located a source for "silver-colored METAL hangers with felt-covered rungs"? I checked Walmart as suggested and don't see. What about these??? I want the effort to give the best result. And...honestly slipping in congested space has been discouraging. I don't want to be a perfectionist; just want the best "tools" for the job. HANGERS--SEPARATE COLOR FOR 25 BASIC WARDROBE PIECES. Also, I was wondering if it would be best for making Style Recipes to use a different colored hanger for the 25 basic wardrobe pieces for the current season. Please provide ALL!!! of your comments and suggestions so I can get this done well the first time.

  1. Garment Organizers--What about these? Simple Division Tab Top Garment Organizers w/preprinted labels by The Clutter Diet (12 ct.) This Simple Division garment organizer kit which has been recommended by The Clutter Diet, makes finding or putting away clothes quick and easy. Each package comes with 60 pre-indexed wardrobe labels in English and Spanish and 12 dividers that fit any conventional rod -- each divider is 3.75"H, 3"W at the top, 3.25"W at the bottom, and a hole that is 1.5" in diameter. Hang your clothes according to type, style, or season -- and slip the appropriate dividers between each section. You will save time and simplify your life with this "can't miss" sorting method. Makes a great gift for just about anyone with a closet! Simple Division Tab Top Garment Organizers w/preprinted labels by The Clutter Diet (12 ct.) Item# D3W-PKG $9.99

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