I'm realizing that I'm an "H" body type

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  1. Hi all. As I'm trying to learn a little bit about how to dress for my body type, I'm realizing that I'm what is called an H. Which is pretty much straight up and down, even shoulders and hips and next to no inward curve at the waist, caused by a very short distance between the bottom on the rib cage and the top of the hip bone (short-waisted). When I signed up at MSP, I thought that the best match here would be an "A." But in researching how to dress, I'm seeing conflicting advice between "H" and "A". So now I'm wondering - am I really a short-waisted "B" here?

  1. Not really... the styles she recommends for a "B" accentuate the waist. You need to be about 10" smaller at the waist than the hips and shoulders to be a "B", and hips and shoulders should be about the same size. I only know about the "B's" so maybe someone else can tell you what you'd be here. I think I'm what Imogen Lampert calls a figure 8, and that is more of a short waisted B. Hope that helps. Helen

  2. Thanks Helen! Based on what you've said, I'll stick with "A" and just modify it based on some other things I've read. I never would have guessed I'm short-waisted until I started reading up on this stuff. I'm 5'8", and relatively long and lean. Did we have an article recently that addressed long and short waisted-ness?

  3. Hi, you sound like you are shaped like me, and I would describe myself as a rectangle. I have even hips and shoulders, but an undefined waist. I chose B body type, since I don't really need to create balance between my hips and shoulders, as an A would need to (shaped more like an upside down triangle). Then I follow the suggestions for an "undefined waist" for B body types. That means I still need to be careful about how I dress my waist area. Think ruched tops, busy prints, structured jackets, no wide belts, etc. Just my 2 cents about how it works for me.

  4. I feel sometimes like I need more that what I can understand, but I'm working on it, slowly. I am starting to see what I am doing WRONG dressing, and, occasionally, I get it 'right.' I wish MSP lived near me, and could go through my closet herself. I figured myself at an 'E' but asked a friend I trust, so have subscribed as a 'B' the last year. I still feel like I need SO MUCH HELP!!!!!

  5. I've wanted her to just come to my house too. This is hard stuff to learn, especially when the internet is your only real soure of information.

  6. I joined in April last year and so far have learned where hems should end on me, what parts of me to emphasize, what my personal style is (romantic), what fabrics and colors I like, what panties to buy, and how to wear make-up. Honestly, it took most of my personal free time, I homeschool my 5 kids. I was losing weight at the time, but stopped exercising or eating on plan and focused on learning about style. It fascinated me, but I was very slow to learn. I found websites and books that helped me and evey week I learned a little here, kept putting things into practice... The Already Pretty book helped me figure out my own style. A make up book helped me with make-up, plus the make-up advice MSP had already given was very helpful. I sent some pictures by e-mail to an image consultant who has a blog I like and she told me to stick to empire waists and it made a huge difference to me. There was a website where you could pay to have a personalized guide to where each hem should end on you. It was based on your height and your head's height. That was extremely helpful to me as well. I'm back to eating on plan and exercising and starting to lose weight again. I feel like I can get dressed each day and feel put together. As I lose weight, my other clothes are starting to fit again and I have so many more options and am feeling overwhelmed again, but what I need to learn now is how to put different colors together. I imagine that when I reach my goal weight, I'll be able to see what outfits make me feel pretty and which ones don't and I'll be able to downsize my closet again to a fun working one, but it's getting too full again. I'm studying colors right now... what my best few are and how to interchange them, but I'm trying not to spend too much time on it, a little each day. So, all that to say, I know how you feel. It's an huge amount to learn and a bit overwhelming. I found this website to be the daily bread and felt I needed to go to other websites and books for the other courses in the meal. They all work together. MSP is so personal in her advice that there is always something new to learn from her. I won't even bother looking for my ideal jeans until I lose the weight, but then I'll have her advice to look back to. She's also so approachable, being willing to answer questions on her radio program or on facebook. I don't think that going to other sites and books takes people from her site and income. She still has something special to offer that other sites do not, a forum, a well-researched blog, advice on when and where to buy clothes that should suit your body type, and a radio broadcast. She has a heart to help people and she works hard to do it, even during the holidays! With all the reading I've done elsewhere this year, I'm still here, always looking forward to the next blog. :0) I say this because we aren't supposed to send people elsewhere for information, so my conscience was bothering me a little that I mentioned the other sites and books, but they were so helpful to me and make part of the information base I now have on how to dress myself. I wonder if it's wrong to spend so much time learning how to be prettier, but I'm 46 and never knew how to care for myself properly and I think it's nice to give my husband and children something nicer to look at every day. I used to dislike Sundays because nothing look good on me when I went to church, now I dress on Sunday just like every other day, and always feel pretty. I enjoy going to church now and don't dread it when I wake up in the morning. I also feel like I've learned the bulk of what I need and can slow down now and just learn a little at a time, like MSP dishes out here. The pace was too slow for me at first, now it's just right.

  7. Helen, it's nice to hear about your style journey. It sounds similar to mine. When I first joined MSP, I went crazy and overbought things from the thrift stores. It was fun finding clothes that fit me, and knowing what to look for. Some turned out to be mistakes, but I can recognize that now. I too enjoy all the blogs out there, and have learned from them as well. I didn't want to make you feel bad when I mentioned about sharing the blogs. At Big Tent we just couldn't give links to other places. That's more of what I meant. I try to answer people's questions here with MSP's advice first, then add what I've learned elsewhere also. I have been with MSP a long time, and still learn from both her and others. In fact, I've been following many of the same blogs as you for quite some time.

  8. Thanks, Cindy. You're sweet. :0) I feel I need to spend less time on style and more on homeschooling, parenting and homemaking, trying to find a good balance.

  9. Helen Christine and Cindy - I, too, read other style blogs but my 'go to' is MSP. When I put an outfit together now I feel as if she is looking over my shoulder and she gives me confidence to get it right. I have been subscribing for about 3 years now I think, but first I started with Flylady who told me to love myself and that there was nothing wrong with giving some time to myself. So now with MSPs help I have taken a different look at the clothes I already have. Helen Christine I think that eventually the lessons sink in and it doesn't take up nearly as much time to 'get it right'. I really like that feeling when I step out of the house that I have done the best I can to be well put together. Ibickford63 and RachelAbigail there are always people here to help if you have a question and MSP will always help if you have a question that is too hard for the rest of us.

  10. Rachel, Good luck in your style journey. Don't forget it is creative fun as well as practical. It is for me at least! Helen, I believe you are having fun, too. I hope so. You are also a giving person and help all of us with What I Wore Today. bert

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