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  1. Friends, Here I am stuck in Podunk, USA, and I went to WallyWorld otherwise known as Walmart to buy a swimsuit, to wear into my daughter's pool to do "little old lady" aerobics. Since I hate to try on clothes and especially swimsuits, I picked up my size --the one that looked like it was my style and would fit, but it didn't so I took it back and tried on 4 more suits almost in tears before I found one that is serviceable. That was almosta month ago, and it hasn't been in the water yet.

  1. Try ordering from landsend.com - they have great quality, coverage, and often can score a great deal on their clearance/ not quite perfect.

  2. I also went to try on swim suits, hadn't done it in years, had to try on 8 different ones, finally, ended up with one size bottom and another size top. The bottoms are shorts and the top is a bright colored tankini that covers everything really well. I didn't think I would ever buy a "2 piece" again! Ha!

  3. Lavon I have had great success with swimwear from suerice dot com dot au. They have all their swimsuits divided into categories eg small busted, large busted, slimming, and so on. They also have a marvellous way of working out the size you need which is very accurate. I am quite confident buying online with them. They will also give good advice about what will fit you. Even if you do not want to buy on line it may help you to look at their selection for ideas. By the way they are very comfortable even with special panels to hold you in!

  4. Hi, it's too late in the season to get in on the most awesome swimsuit EVER unless you wear size Small or XL, but check out walmart.com, they carry many Catalina swimsuits online that they don't have in their stores. Catalina is a really good quality company, I've been wearing them since the 70s in the South... it was the only swimsuit I would buy as a teen and they were not cheap either! This year, WM had the Suddenly Slim Shirred Halter Swimsuit. Very retro, and when I got mine it had over 400 reviews -- there are over 680 reviews as of today... you can't go wrong with that many women who love it! They only have size S left, in black or purple, or XL in purple, but maybe next year they will bring it back. I've never bought a swimsuit online, so I got a M and a L (black polka dot, it was so cute but I gave it to a friend, it was a bit big in the bust/hips), and the M (purple!) fit really nicely (I wear a 10-12). It is like a miracle suit because it covers up all the baby fat in front, and around the underarm/chest area. And really gorgeous when you put it on, although the back side is sort of plain (boy cut, higher back) but the front makes up for it!

  5. Don't worry about the size- swimsuits are sized differently anyway. LOL - I bought a bikini for the first time in YEARS last month...Top- size 8. Bottom- size 14! How can that even be? I wear size 8 jeans...size 10 after the holidays! My point is, I did the same thing as you did...kept going back out and getting the next larger size, and the next, and the next. But you know what? In the end, I look cute in that bathing suit! I will just cut that tag right out! :)

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