In favor of one item

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  1. I know Leslie just promised us to show more items per category again in our personal profiles. However, after the initial shock - oh no just one piece of clothing - I noticed something. Every single piece in my B profile is absolutely stunning. And, unbelievably to myself, I remember each one in my head without having to refer back to the article itself. Before, it was just a blur . As a bonus Leslie gave a much more detailed description of each item. Thanks Leslie for all that you do, I didn't have any style 16 months ago and now I do - every single day.

  1. Mrs. hit it spot on. That was my idea about the whole change. I figured it would get the ladies to really examine what I selected and WHY. However, I understand with all the other changes taking place they felt they were being short-changed. I have no intention of doing that. We'll stick with the original format and I'll do my best to explain why one of the garments is worthy of a try on for their shape. Thanks for sharing :)

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