Sleeveless tops - what to wear inside?

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  1. I posted this on the MSP FB but then realized it was too personal to be published on FB LOL Ok so I have this burning question. I have not-so-attractive upper arm, so I always wear a layer on top of my sleeveless tops. The layer is either a sweater, cardigan, blazer which works most of the time. However, there are few sleeveless tops that are very cute to be hidden under the layer. What can I wear inside with a low neck to show off the top and just covering my arms? I have seen solid full sleeve tees BUT they have pretty high necks which ruins the top's neckline. Bottom line: Need to cover my upper arms, low neck line on the inside layer, prefer not to add bulk. I am open to suggestions. Ideas my fellow SYSters?

  1. Oh, I am a petite "B"

  2. I don't even own any crew neck (high neck) tees anymore. All are either scoop or v-necks. Easy to find in most any store. Most of my clothes these days are what is considered technical. Meaning designed for fitness activities like running, hiking, biking, whatever. They come in many colors and cute styles. Anyway, technical fabric is very thin so it layers well. And they are cute enough to wear for everyday as well. Also can pack without wrinkling. Yay! I would think you could easily find scoop or v-neck short sleeve tops that would work under your sleeveless tops without adding any bulk or ruining the neckline if you look in departments that sell these types of clothes. Or try a sporting goods-type of store. If you have one, REI has a fantastic selection. You can also order online. Like Nordstrom is famous for, they have a "no questions asked" return policy. However, you may have to pay for the shipping?

  3. hi Judy... thanks for the response. Ah scoop neck and technical fabric. Ok, I will hunt for them tonight. Thanks a bunch !

  4. check out the modbod signature reversible scoop 1/2 sleeve - somethimes these are at Costco or they have a website . . .

  5. I have a million tee shirts, and like Judy, don't wear crew necks so much anymore. For casual wear (I live near the beach), I have cut off some of the bands from around the crew necks I was not wearing. I cut just outside the stitching line. Presto! Free scoop neck. Try it with one you were going to toss anyway.

  6. Since suggestions of what to wear under your sleeveless tops have been made...How about instead of heavy blazers and such...why not a lightweight shrug? They are a great style for petites!

    Shrugs will cover your shoulders/upper arms nicely and still show off your stylish tops!

    Check out JC They have a cute shrug for only $8 on clearance! Search: Arizona Cropped Cardigan.

  7. Thank you for the great suggestions. I will check out modbod. Hmmm I didn't think of cutting the neckline; great idea it's sitting idol in the closet anyway, way to repurpose. I will check out jcp for shrug. This is the first time I'm hearing this term. Wow I'm learning so much and I feels so good :-) I bought this the other day at jcp; I tried it some sleeveless tops. They looked good. Since they had limited neutral color choice, ill the above suggestions.

  8. Good suggestions so far. You can also look for "underdress sleeves" such as those by and I haven't tried any of them, though.

  9. How about kimono tops? They can be light weight, prints or solids and cover the arms.b

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