Dressing in the summer

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  1. What is your dressing style in the summer months? Do you feel more laid back because you are making more casual choices due to the heat? Just curious if you struggle to put 'effort' into what you are wearing...when you've got flip-flops on! What's your favorite thing to wear at the beach? For me, it's a sundress and hat!


  1. I love the new website! My summer basic is a broad-brimmed sunhat. I have a straw-color raffia hat from Helen Kaminsky that still looks great after several years. Sometimes I wrap a scarf around it. Raffia is soft to the touch, yet tough and flexible, so I can roll it up and put it in my tote. My other basic is a long-sleeved sheer cotton tee from American Apparel - made here in Los Angeles. These tees keep their shape wonderfully, are cool and comfy to wear, and really last. (They're called "sheer" but are somewhat opaque yet very light.) Now that I know my seasonal colors, I'm having fun trying new shades of these tees! Over my tee I toss on an open jacket or lightweight semi-fitted shirt. These are often thrift-store treasures. Long sleeves protect me from the sun, hide my elderly arms, and help me feel comfortable around work-pals who dress modestly because of their faith or culture. I love white jeans or pants for summer - mine are "NYDJ", also made here in the USA - but when it's really hot I'll wear a gauzy, flowing skirt. Here's a hat similar to mine: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/helen-kaminski-provence-12-raffia-straw-hat/2914674

  2. Mimialaine1 I like your hat style! I have a hat like this one (I posted a photo). Your casual style of tees and an open jacket or fitted shirt sounds nice. I too love NYDJ's I have 2 pairs and they are by far my favorite pants! I never tried American Apparel but I've heard of them. Next time I shop I will go into that store at our mall. I love that everything in made in the USA. I know that is true about the Not Your Daughter's Jeans!


  3. I've been feeling comfy and cool in a sleeveless maxi dress with gladiator sandals and chandelier earrings with my hair pinned up.

  4. So far, my go-to outfits are cotton tank tops and loose linen pants, hair up off my neck, and shoes as seldom as possible. I feel like the loose pants aren't doing me any style favors, but anything more fitted just seems HOT. And they seem more flattering than any of my shorts at this point. I have a sundress that I seldom wear. I was thinking of flinging it because it seems too pale for me, but the last time I had it out, I thought maybe the waistband could be embellished with embroidery or a scarf (if it's not too hot for more fabric) and that might make it work better. So it didn't get flung. I find it hard to be concerned about style when I'm much too hot or much too cold. I live in New England, so it's a challenge a lot of the time. Good thing I have my SYSters for inspiration and encouragement.

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