Style Missions?

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  1. How can I get the style missions??

  1. TrailDwellar, The Weekly Style Missions are located in each week's Style Blog... Here is the Style Mission from last week: MSP’s Weekly Style Mission The idea for this week’s Style Mission came to me (like a light bulb moment) during the weekend. I worked all weekend long getting the new website ready, so there wasn’t much time for wardrobe planning. Not having much time ... meant I should just grab one of my summer knit dresses and get going. As I looked through my hanging dresses in my closet, I realized the gray wrap dress I have is fairly basic and classic, yet it is not being worn. Why? Of course I know ‘why’ I’m not wearing that gray knit dress…its neckline is too low! So, I dashed over to my guest room (where my sewing machine is) and sewed the neckline up at the shoulder area which was quick and easy since this dress is sleeveless. My dressing problem resolved and now I have another thing I can start wearing on a regular basis. Go me! Now it's your turn. This week’s Style Mission is to alter what is not being worn or get it OUT of your closet! Stop looking at what you aren’t wearing!!! Either fix it so you do wear it or get it out. The best closet is one full of only clothes you love and wear. (I’m glad I took my own advice on this week’s mission, LOL!) Back to you. Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Thank you! I guess I hadn't noticed that you wanted us to DO something! I'd better get busy, it's FlyLady's Master Bedroom week so I will be in there, I'll take a look in the closet!

  3. Ladies, I personally prefer masking tape, but band aids work in a pinch, too.

  4. I like sharing our "secrets" here because then I find out that my secrets are the same ones that many other people have too. I often find really cute layering tanks on sale at Sierra Trading Post, but they are always way too low for me. I cut the shoulder seams, trim off an inch of material from the front and back, and resew. Voila! The tank is no longer too low to use. I haven't tried to do this on a dress yet. I did buy a whole bunch of cropped tanks called Mini Molly tanks and those are great light weight things to wear when a top is too low.

  5. Sounds like a plan. There is a Style Mission each week. It is posted and emailed out in the Style Blog.

  6. I have noticed that before, that taking a dress up at the shoulders will raise the neckline, but it has been years since I have done it. As a last resort, a few times I have safety-pinned the shoulder seam to raise the neckline, but we don't tell our little secrets, do we? LOL!!

  7. Lavon, Agreed. We don't have to always tell our little secrets...but sharing them right here doesn't count does it? I've used duct tape before to hold up a pulled hemline, lol! (temporary of course)

  8. That's so funny, I had already taken a blouse out of my closet to rework so that I can wear it again, I didn't even realize that was this weeks mission! I just need to let out the back darts and side seams a bit-It's a bit snug because I'm thick waisted and have gained a bit of weight since I bought it years ago, and naturally, I gain weight in the middle first (E type). It's been hanging there neglected because I don't wear it but can't bear to get rid of it when I love it so much.

  9. one other way to alter the top which is too low, which works if it is a V neck, is to take a couple stitches at the bottom of the V, invisible to see, yet they end up joining part of the V so it looks more like a short legged Y at the neckline. No cleavage showing, means you don't attract the gaze of unwanted eyes...

  10. I used to sew a line down behind buttons on a blouse that puckered out and it kept it smooth on the front, but be careful because then you have to put it on as a pull over and if it's snug it might be hard to get your arms in!

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