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  1. I was recently told by my boyfriend that he considered the way I dressed and my clothing "stylish"! I lost 100lbs last year and joined MissusSmartyPants.com last year. WooHoo! Because of the reasonable approach your blog, meaning for average women on budgets, I have managed to replace my wardrobe and not bankrupt myself. Thank you for all you do; especially the inspiration and confidence I've gained. I now know it's not my body that is "wrong" if the garment doesn't fit. Now I enjoy looking for "my" garment.

  1. A Note! The picture is old!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a great comment from your boyfriend! Congratulations on all the good you are doing for yourself. :)

  3. Wow, what an achievement! 100 pounds is fantastic, at one time I lost 80 but it took me a year and half, 100 pounds in a year is amazing! Plus to get compliments! My daughter is dieting so I shall tell her about you...she feels it is futile. I agree, I always used to mentally beat myself up when something didn't look right on me, I blamed me and not the clothes.

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