Busty Type B -- What Kind of Tops for Summer, w/Skirts?

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  1. Body Type B here -- and I'm busty. I find most styles fit for a B draw too much attention to my chest, and it means I have to wear layers (tanks under a v neck to cover the cleavage). Tops are such a nightmare for me, and I find it hard to find tops that follow the "rules". Also.. I want to wear skirts this summer. Occasionally I want to wear a longer, fuller skirt but when doing so feel I have to have a more fitted top -- but EEK I cannot wear fitted tops! As it is, I do not find enough body skimming or princess seamed tops to make it so clothes are clinging to my chest, and to wear something streamlined I might as well be naked!

  1. I have used scoopneck tees and polo shirts with my skirts and they look nice. I also am a busty B and I like to wear a really lite jacket over my sleeveless shirts if its not broiling outside.

  2. Go to a good department store and get fitted for your bras. I was wearing the same style of bra for nearly 8 years (VS push up's) My cleavage was too embarassing with v-necks (i'm a 40D). My daughter suggested to go to VS and try another style of bra. I picked Showstopper full coverage and love it! Also, I don't wear any tops with ruffles, ruching or anything that adds weight. You don't have to wear a fitted top with a skirt. If it's a tee or shirt that fits you well, belt it loosely at low waist. I don't wear large necklaces and I am careful where they hit my neck - right at my throat. I have noticed longer necklaces accentuate my bustline, so usually I'll wear bracelets & earrings instead. When you do find a top you love, go online and shop...they usually have more options than the retail stores, then get several in your seasonal colors. Don't get frustrated. It took me awhile to figure out the "rules" but once you know what looks good on you, you'll be a fashionista in no time! Nancy

  3. I have a couple bras that have a lacy camisole top attached over the cleavage area. It is a cooler way to wear another layer and tie another color in. It manages to make a scoop neck top more modest over an ample chest. Cheers from Phoenix!

  4. I am busty too and I only buy tops now in stores which specialise in clothes for women with boobs. There are 2 online stores I can recomend, one is Pepperberry and the other one is BiuBiu. But the first thing is to get properly fitted for a bra.

  5. Thanks everyone, for your input. I LOVE necklaces and try to opt for smaller ones but don't want them just a my throat because I have an enlarged thyroid and double chin. :( My natural waist is just below my bust -- I'm long-waisted -- and it's the smallest point as I don't have much of a waist right now. If I draw attention to my actual waist, tho, it draws attention to my big bust! I've been fitted multiple times but I still have had a horrible time buying bras, and I prefer wire-free.. I have a couple from Playtex but no matter how well I take care of them they stretch really quickly. And nothing from VS fits me proper, I'm much too busty for their sizing. I was fitted at Lane Bryant because everyone raved about their Cacique balconette bras. Despite trying multiple sizes, they never worked for me, it was a total nightmare. However, I think I will try to go back to VS and check out their Showstopper and have them fit me. I have a strapless bra arriving today from Her Room, which I bought based on reviews from busty ladies, I'm hoping to wear it under certain things that I want to be able to wear in summer when it's hot. Crossing fingers and toes! I guess what matters most now is to just KEEP TRYING! I think your suggestion, yhaggerty1, is a good one -- those as seen on tv lace cami attachments. Breaking up the color when I wear a v-neck seems to help. Thanks ewapuzdrowska for your store suggestions, I shall check them out!

  6. Ladies! I got some of those as-seen-on-tv cami inserts for under tops, brilliant idea. And then I found these tops from Wal-Mart -- I got them in red and purple which are my signature colors. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Women-s-Knot-Front-Top/20880540 They are GREAT! They draw attention to the bust but not in an unflattering way -- they shape and lift (good bra helps, yes) and then they don't cling to my tummy or in any way make me look bad! I can wear them with or without a cami. Without there's some cleavage but it's fine in a casual situation.. I wore a cami under it last night because I was meeting with some work people. Perfecto! I think these will definitely work nicely with skirts.

  7. Thanks for the Walmart tiip soularchitect! I just ordered one of those tops in teal along with a few others. Great deal!

  8. If you don't have access to a bra specialty boutique, your best shot for getting a good bra fitting is a reputable store like Nordstrom. Victoria's Secret stores are typically staffed with teenagers, not trained bra fitters. Before going, check out the bra fitting video from Bravissimo at http://www.bravissimo.com/perfectfit/ so you know what you should be looking for. If you fit in Lane Bryant clothes, Carissa Rose might be a good source of shirts for you. I have not had good luck with Pepperberry, which surprised me because they're owned by Bravissimo, which is a wonderful bra retailer in England. For full disclosure, I am a competitor, with a new company just getting going. However, I have heard only good feedback about BiuBiu, and their site is easier to shop now that they've added the option to view it in English (click the British flag in the upper right corner). Some blogs worth checking out for reviews of clothes and bras, as well as discussions on dressing for a full bust are: www.hourglassy.com www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com www.thinandcurvy.com www.investinyourchest.com Best wishes, Jodi

  9. For those who like to buy bras from catalogues or internet check out Lady Grace. It carries cup sizes to J. It has a very good selection of different brands and prices. And their customer service is excellent. Most scoopneck shells are too low for me. Draper @ Damon carries scoopnecks in a number of colors and I often wear one as a layering piece, they are only a little scooped yet look so much better than a crewneck, without showing clevage.

  10. SO grateful to come on here and find this post this early morning. I posted a week or so ago about needing encouragement to get started. I was going to order a nursing tank with bra built in online, but then a friend gave me a dress (sweet gift, right?) that I needed to return and exchange for something that fit better. Realized I needed a bra that fit well in order to find a dress that fit well. Went to local department store and asked at Belk if they had nursing bras. NO was the answer. No? Yes, no. She sent me to the maternity store. So, off I trudged, grumbling because I thought I was all done with maternity clothes forever. Anyway, the very sweet woman in the maternity store, which did have a large selection of nursing bras, must have measured me 4 different times. We tried about 4 different sizes of bra, and by the time we were done I think I'd tried on no less than about 25 bras. In the end, we found two that fit me. Yes, one, two. I almost got four of them after all that effort, but they did not in fact have four bras that fit me. Only two. One of my size in each style that worked. And yes, I turned out to be a 40DD like some of you posting. I'm back into a size 12, B body type. I, too, have found, on my rare shopping excursions, that finding tops that fit is a real challenge. Very very grateful for this discussion. First, to know I'm not alone! And second, for the practical suggestions and encouragement from other amply endowed women.

  11. You might like to look at a website called Inside Out where Imogen shows pictures of tops to wear with a large chest. Imogen herself has a large chest and her main tactic is using large necklaces as it draws the eye to the necklace rather than the chest, also, big things make things next to them look smaller.

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