Is size 18 considered a "Plus Size?"

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  1. I'm really stuck between subscribing as a C or a D type. I have never bought "Plus Size" clothes from the store, and generally buy size 18 or XL. Sometimes I wear a 16 or L, but that's rare these days. I have a wee bit of waist definition left, and used to be "pear-shaped" but since putting on weight, I'm fairly balanced between top and bottom, maybe a wee bit wider in hips but barely noticeable...I have downward-sloping shoulders, they're not broad at all. Really want to know what the definition on MSP of "Plus Size"'s been asked before in this forum, but I didn't see a definitive answer. Thanks!

  1. I used to be a "plus size". I lost weight and now wear size 18 for the most part, sometimes a 16. I got the "ID me" and was told I was a "D", mostly, I think, because my hips are a little wider than my top.

  2. I wear large/x-large and find the clothes MSP recommends in that category fit my body better than my body type (I'm an overweight "B"). You can always ask to switch categories if the definitions and clothing selections are not you. It's free. I changed to a plus category and wear a size 16.

  3. I think there is a Missy 18 and then there is 18W (womens). I think a 16/18 can go either way - it just depends if it's a MISSY (less room in the hips for me) or a WOMANS.

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