Tank Dresses--BodyType A--Overshirt/Jacket Ideas Please

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  1. Looking forward to a summer of the cool free-form comfort of tank dresses, but want to really add a summery, put-together, slimming look with 3/4 length sleeve overshirt/jackets. A pretty tall order but appreciate your thoughts.

  1. Dear EE, Old Navy has little shrug sweaters that are cute. My DMIL wears pretty color button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow. (Land's End) I think crocheted overshirts are nice, too. Sometimes these are in the swim coverups section. You couldn't go wrong with a well-cut linen jacket, either. bert

  2. Good ideas Catwomanbert! The tissue-tee fly away cardigans offer lightweight coverage over a camisole or a tank dress for that matter. Light woven or crocheted items are good too. Any time you add a vertical line down the body it is slimming.

  3. I purchased a light cotton twill white blazer from Kohl's this spring and rolled the sleeves up halfway. I've gotten a lot of wear with it over sundresses or over a thin T-shirt with a skirt.

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