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  1. I am the stepmother of the groom. The wedding is on a Sunday morning in August and the reception is a brunch. The dress is elegant attire. My body type is A. I am 63 years old, 5'3" and 175 pounds. The bridesmaids are wearing long dresses as is the mother of the bride who is the matron of honor. I am not sure what the mother of the bride will wear. Any suggestions on what would be a nice dress?

  1. The below link may be worth looking through--be sure to scroll down the page and remember there are 3 pages. Spiegel ideas http://style.spiegel.com/search?p=Q&srid=S6-5&lbc=spiegel&ts=custom&w=Wedding%20Gowns&uid=53366216&method=and&isort=score&view=list&sli_jump=1&srt=12 One look that you may like...Floral Burnout Velvet Sleeveless Dress (The look and outfit) Sleeveless velvet dress in a sophisticated floral burnout design. Gathered surplice front banded waist Related Searches: Mother Of The Bride Wedding Dresses You will want to think about how you will blend in color and style for photos but be careful to look your personal best. If you pull a color into your prints or accessories, etc. from their dresses or style, the photos look better OR if you remain stylish but neutral in color. Perhaps a skilled MSP fashionista will guide you.

  2. Dear Mom, I think you should wear a long dress, not white, not black. bert

  3. Just a thought because of your height...maybe you can wear a tea-length dress instead of a full-length dress. It will be elegant and perhaps not so wedding specific. Of course, you want to wear what is appropriate and what will make you harmonize with the others. Most people I know have had good luck and less hassle at Nordstrom because of their selection and customer service. Good luck!

  4. Dear Mom, I think EDMWDM is right, a tea-length dress would also be appropriate and maybe more flattering. Be sure your dress emphasises your waist to create an hour-glass figure. I went on Nordstrom's website and found a style of dress you might want to consider. It is a sheath dress with an a-line skirt, giving you fullness at the hem. It has a chiffon jacket with 3/4 sleeves that is belted, creating a waistline. Also, take into account the color of her bridesmaids dresses. You don't have to match exactly. Let's say her colors are pastel, you may want to choose a different but complimentary pastel. The point is not to match but to blend. Good luck!

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