Does customer service reply to requests for help?

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  1. I signed up 10 days ago, but it says I have no active membership and I sent a request for help the next day and I have no received a reply.

  1. Jane, I looked up your membership and see you purchased a 3 month membership w/ ID Me. Did you complete your body type ID survey? I looked in my ID queue and I don't have a completed form from you there.

    As explained in the email when you purchased an ID Me, you need to complete your survey and be IDed in order to have a body type to log in to. (Once Ided and log in for the first time, you immediately have access to the last 4 weeks so you don't miss a thing while you had been waiting).

    If you have not yet completed your survey, do it right away so you can get started. If you have any questions OR need any help with the process, Ann or Faith in customer service will be happy to help you ASAP. Call our customer service at: 704-965-3117 9-6 ET
    We will get you started right away and reset your membership if needed. No worries, once we find out what needs to be done we will take care of it right away! It could be as simple as you used the wrong (or a different) email addresses and you don't appear on file...

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