Join the MSP Challenge: 7 Days, 8 Pieces!!!

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  1. This week is a "Style Challenge" at MSP

    This week's Style Mission is: Wear Only 8 Pieces for 7 Days!

    Won't you join in and take the "7 Days, 8 Pieces" style challenge with me?

    You can post/share your select 8 pieces and daily outfits RIGHT HERE.


    FOR EXAMPLE: here are the 8 pieces I'll be wearing this week:

    1. (1) pair of jean (I've got some casual days where I'll be at the computer all day. Wearing jeans are perfect for these days).

    2. (1) dress pant (Easy for dressing up or down, as needed)

    3. (1) sweater Dress ( I have a business meeting to wear this to, plus it can be dressed down easily another day)

    4. (3) blouses/tops

    5. (1) sweater

    6. (1) blazer

    What's NOT included:

    Exercise/gym clothes (these get sweaty, gross and need changing immediately after they don't count)

    Pajamas, undergarments, shoes, winter coats/outwear, accessories (Take as many servings of accessories as you want! These are unlimited-like zero-calorie sweeteners. In fact, play up your accessories to really change up these 8 pieces you'll be wearing!)

    Won't you join in and take the "7 Days, 8 Pieces" style challenge with me? Post/share your selected 8 pieces and daily outfits RIGHT HERE ON THIS PAGE.

  1. Here are photos of my 8 pieces. NOTICE: My colors are red, blue, black and gray (that means everything mixes and matches easily with each other).

    I selected black pants, matching black blazer, jeans, gray sweater, gray turtleneck, red shell, blue chambray button-down blouse and gray ponte-knit dress...


  2. My "great 8"...1. black jeans, 2. blue jeans, 3. gray pants, 4. white long-sleeve tee, 5. gray tee, 6. pink long-sleeve button-up, 7. denim jacket, 8. purple cardi.
    Day 1 - #1, 6 & 7. Accessories: silver earrings, silver/pink/pearl necklace (can't see well in photo), black flats.
    Diana, TX winter C


  3. It is already Tuesday here and I am dressed for home duties so I have picked out my 7 days starting from tomorrow. It is so much easier now that I have done the closet purge and the orphans have all gone to bless someone else. It is very hot and humid summer here Downunder so no jackets or sweaters. My colours: black, white, grey and yellow. 1. White t-shirt, 2. black top short sleeves, 3. black/white/grey blouse, 4. grey t-shirt with yellow/white and black, 5. grey bermudas, 6. black 3/4 pants 7. dark grey pants 8. black/white/ yellow skirt Without any accessories that gave me 14 outfits without even trying. Thank you MSP I have learnt such a lot from you and the other MSPers here.

  4. OK, I'll play! My pieces: 1. Beige pants 2. Teal Jeans 3. Yellow sweater 4. White Jeans jacket 5. Yellow LS button shirt 6. Lavender turtleneck 7. Blue tank 8. Black dress I have a funeral to go to later this week. I'll have an unusual number of days "off", and this wardrobe would be more appropriate for work, so we'll see... Day 1 - #4 and #8- white jeans jacket and black dress with red scarf and black knee high boots. My usual colors involve a basis of black, gray and white, with pops of primary colors. My black pants are either in the laundry or in need of repair. I think all this goes together OK. I chose some of the pieces in part because I want to think of more ways to wear them. This will force me to. ;)

  5. Here are pictures of my pieces. I have trouble posting pics, so bear with me.


  6. I posted my tops above, here are my pants


  7. ooops! above you will see my shirts, my sweater and denim jacket, and NOW hopefully the pants.


  8. :::SIGH::: Pants?


  9. I'm sure you'll get the idea with the black dress, so I'll just post the first day's outfit: white denim jacket, black dress with a red scarf, and black knee high boots:


  10. I'll play also! Black jeans, deep rose cords, rose leather jacket, black sheath dress, black/deep rose color block sweater, black tee neck, white blouse and a white wool V-neck sweater. I shall go wild with accessories! I have a tea on Tuesday. I hit the mother of all sales last August at Talbots and for some reason everything left in my size was in rose. Tomorrow I am going out with a friend shopping so I shall wear the rose cords, white blouse and rose/black cardigan.

  11. OH, hey, Diana - I am in Oklahoma and also a curvy winter. :)

  12. I like the challenge but I have trouble keeping an outfit clean for more than a day (between my 3 year old and I, I manage to get messy every day). I had extra time today and I made the outfits and took pictures of them while they are clean. I will try to wear them during the week.


  13. Tgarton, love your Day 1 outfit. To get several photos in one post, click "Add Images" again. Helen, love the pink and black. Where did you find the time to post all those combos? You are a dynamo!!
    My Day 2 outfit...item #3, 4 & 8. Accessories: blue/fuchsia/white scarf, blue flats & lapis blue earrings.
    Diana, TX


  14. So nice to see so many ladies "playing along" with us! Here is what I wore today.

    DAY ONE: Today came back from teaching spin class and did my BlogTalkRadio Show, then worked all afternoon at the office. No need to dress up today.

    Chambrary shirt, jeans, black blazer. Accessorized with long necklace and Cole Haan nude peep-toe wedges.

    STYLE TIP: The new 'on-trend' way to wear a necklace w/ a button-down shirt is INSIDE the collar (see my picture to get an idea what I'm talking about).



  15. Thank you, DIana! I felt cute and "sassy" in it. ;) I love your outfits, also very cute and sassy! Helen Christine - I know exactly what you mean! I don't have a toddler, but I do have animals, and do a lot of training etc with my horses and dogs. I have a sort of uniform for that, that I have upgraded and made more stylish along the lines of Leslie's advice for workout clothes. But, I do have a professional job as well, that requires a whole different set of clothes. I am often tempted to wear the uniform I wear for at home around the animals for errands and casual situations, but am trying to get away from that, and be more fashionable. I am in a bit of a dilemma about how I will play along for Thurs and Fri, as I have a long car trip with the dogs, on those days. Hmmm. I have taken the liberty of saying that doing my dog things is sort of like exercising, so I will count my dog uniform pieces as "free choice" exercise clothes, and wear casual outfits for going to dinner when I get there? And, I have tried to upload multiple images, but for some reason it hangs up and won't load unless I do just one at a time. Maybe it has something to do with using a mac, with safari as my browser? Whatever, it was very frustrating!! Tomorrow's outfit -#1 beige pants, #3 yellow sweater, #6 lavender turtleneck. Accessaries are my taupe suede ankle boots, and a set of long purple beads.


  16. Today was Day 1 for me, I wore deep rose cords, a white French cuffed tuxedo shirt, my deep rose and black color block sweater. for accessories I wore a pink mother-of-pearl necklace with a black design, silver elephant earring that I bought in India and have been sitting in my jewelry chest for three months. I also wore my camel coat, pink cashmere neck scarf and I carried a pink and brownish/black silk handbag.

  17. Here is today's photo (I hope). A bit blurry but will get better with practise. Black top, black/yellow/white skirt, black and yellow sandals, yellow earrings.


  18. Oops!!!!! Still more to learn about this. Will try once more and if I am still sideways everybody will just have to turn their head.


  19. Tgarton, Diana, Helen Christine...y'all are pretty sassy looking...thanks for sharing your outfits! I had to take my day 2 outfit pic early (or else not at all) because we are expecting lots of thunderstorms today (high of 71) and I've got a very busy day ahead of me!

    DAY TWO: Black pants, gray turtleneck and I'm wearing the red shell as a vest over the turtleneck...then accessorized w/ zebra-print belt.


  20. Carleen, you look cute in your black and yellow. Glad you were able to post a photo.
    MSP, love using the shell as a vest.
    Here's my Day 3 effort...Items #2 jeans, #5 gray T & #7 denim jacket. Accessories: Navy booties, turquoise scarf and bracelets, silver necklace and earrings which probably can't be seen...again!
    Is it OK to wear jeans and a denim jacket? Someone told me that is out of style.
    Diana, TX


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