Flat Front Pants

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  1. What exactly qualifies pants as "flat-front"? The definition in the style glossary says flat-front pants have no pockets or seams, but the style guide for "B"s definitely feature pants with pockets. Is the important thing to minimize the waist embellishments and avoid pleating? Or is there something I'm missing? :) I don't even know how I'd find jeans without pockets... and I'm not sure I'd wanna wear them if I could!

  1. Thanks a ton, MSP! I was hoping I had it right. I've been doing virtual shopping on Polyvore (God's gift to compulsive window shoppers) and wanted to make sure the pants I was selecting were indeed OK for my body type. I'd always wondered, since I first started getting my shopping guides.

  2. Belladonnablue, You are on the right track. The smoother and simpler the pant, the better. Flat front pants can have pockets (but often they don't). Jeans are usually a 5 pocket classic style and if smooth and simple are good. The main thing is to avoid heavy embellishments (buckles, belt loops, tie waists)and of course PLEATS at the waistline!

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