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  1. Hello, Love the new website! But I'm wondering about colours, my colour season is winter, light skin, dark eyes and hair, dark brownish with stokes of gray. The colour chart shows cool blues, green and special cool reds. A little citron yellow. What I mis are the natural colours like, tan leather or a wooden bracelet. All my life I adore those kind of things, so I can say it's my style. What do you think, shall I continue with playing with te orange colours of tan leather or change to a darker or more greyish one? Love Paula

  1. Hi Paula, I have the same kind of problem with the recommended colours for autumn as I really don't like most of them, especially the browns. I've always loved all shades of blue (blue eyes) which are not on my chart and it seems to me that our long-term preferences can't be so wrong, can they??? Love Cheryl

  2. Hello Cheryl, Thanks for your answer! Maybe we can change our colors? Your answer could be in finding the right balance, with a lot of brown and little blue here and there, your eyes could really pop out? Makes it more special? At the moment I'm looking at pictures of famous people in my season colours and start seeeing how free they are using their colours. It's a lot of fun! Love Paula

  3. Dear Paula, Try espresso color woods. Dear Cheryl, I have noticed peach, orange and tan can really make blue eyes go boing! It is the complimentary color thing, you know, the opposites in the color wheel. Maybe a polo shirt with fat blue and orange stripes.... bert

  4. Wear your seasonal colors near your face, tops, scarves,jewelry. Neutrals on bottom. Tans that have a little more grey in them would look great. When you have to get basics, try to go with the colors in Leslie's guide. You may be surprised how much more your natural coloring will pop! You will know you have your colors right when you start getting compliments. Don't throw away your favorite pieces, see how they would mix with your seasonal colors. HTH, Nancy

  5. Hi Paula, Bert, Nancy, Thanks for all your ideas, I shall try to be more adventurous! Love Cheryl

  6. Dear Paula, GGHygienist is right. Wear your seasonal colors near your face. I love black and espresso brown together like in a printed cardigan, but pair it with a black shirt or tank and black pants and add wooden accessories. I have seen recently wooden jewelry with silver accents and black rope cords that would really pull the look together. Hello Cheryl! I am an Autumn with red hair, so I love the browns near my face. If you have brown or blond hair, you may feel the browns a little boring and that you need more color near your face. I find that turqoise green, teal blue, periwinkle blue (a blue/purple) and robin's egg blue are very complimentary to my skin (and hair) and go well with all my brown, khaki, camel, and cream pants and skirts. Have fun playing with your colors; you will soon learn which ones bring you the most joy (and compliments).

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