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  1. Hi, I have been wearing pants for quite a few years now because I feel self-conscious in dresses. My legs are skinny (I am a B)and am 5 feet tall. The rest of my body is fine. However, I just made up my mind to buy a few dresses for summer since they are cooler. I bought two that come to the knee and one that goes a bit lower than the knee. Do you have any suggestions as to what type of shoes look better with dresses when your legs are too slender? I love this forum. It is so helpful.

  1. Dear Dorish, Is it possible to have legs that are too skinny? Seriously, how about canvas wedge espadrilles with fabric ties around the ankles? Or the trendy Roman sandals that buckle up over the ankles. I saw a cute pair of pink sandals at JCPenney with a T strap having flowers cascading in a row down the front. bert

  2. Same thing, skinny legs, especially skinny calves/lower legs. Sometimes MSP says something about the widest part of a woman's leg being the calf muscle - not mine! I think that's when talking about length for shorts or cropped pants, that you should avoid them stopping at the wide part of your calf. What length should you have when your lower legs are skinny? I sort of have fat pads on the inside of my knees and that is wider than my calf muscle. I pretty much always wear long pants. (I'm a Type A)

  3. Thanks a lot, Dorish, for starting a conversation on this. I have the same problem. Roman sandals - yes, this is the answer, providing you find ones which are not too wide, otherwise you end up looking ridiculous. And finding the ones which fit is a miracle - once I had to travel from Poland to Finland!!! to get a decent pair. So any ideas and advice would be most helpful. ewa

  4. Thanks to all three of you for answering my post. You helped me a lot! It is strange that now, at age 85, I have decided that I want to wear dresses. They just look so nice, and it has been hard for me to make that decision. But I look around and see people in the stores and on the street with skinny legs and they wear shorts, dresses, capris, etc., so I thought, well maybe I won't look that bad, after all. At least I have two legs - some poor souls have none. And, Ewa, my grandmother was born in Krakow and although my grandfather is Polish, he was born in Germany. I am so glad that all of you were interested in my question. I love the Forum. Dorish

  5. I found a pair of nude heels with a strap below the ankle that works fine with a white knee-length dress that I will wear to church tomorrow. It really looks fine. The dress looks kind of lacy and I am wearing it with a white linen jacket since the dress is sleeveless and I need something for my arms. I feel a lot better about wearing dresses now. -Dorish

  6. Dorish, Nude heels w/ a white lacy dress sounds like a wonderful summer outfit for church! I'll bet you'll get some compliments and smiles your way!

  7. Yes, MissusMSP, I did get some compliments. It was so funny when one lady said she didn't recognize me in a dress and that it looked so nice. Made me feel good. My hubby really loved the outfit. I said I was going to wear it with a white linen jacket, but hubby liked a shorter shrug in white that I have, so that is what I wore. And he was right when it came to the shrug. Being a SYSter is so helpful for me when it comes to "what to wear!" And I have done the closet purge several times and have turned around the hangers on some clothing I wasn't sure about. Well, today, one of the hangers was turned in the opposite direction because I wore the item that was on it and it looked terrific. So there is another shirt that will go at least three ways, with white, yellow and khaki. I never buy anything now that doesn't go three ways.

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