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  1. This week's article on what to buy for spring included a recommendation for stripes. I know that in past articles, MSP recommended that we stay away from stripes because depending on our body type they create multiple horizontal lines. So I'm wondering if there are particular type of stripes that can be worn by a short waisted B (like me)? Would skinny stripes be a better choice rather than larger, color blocked stripes?

  1. Leslie has mentioned that you can try the skinny stripes instead of the larger ones. Plus, the less contrast between the stripe colors, the better. For example, a black stripe and a gray stripe, instead of white and a dark color. Keep the colors similar in shade or tone. You might also have the striped top be the bottom layer, and then put an open cardigan over the top, so that the stripes just peek out. I've seen this look on several bloggers, and it can actually look a bit slimming if done right. Have fun experimenting.

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