Difference between C and D?

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  1. I emailed customer support and still haven't received an answer so I thought I'd ask here: Is the only difference between C and D whether you are plus sized or not? What does MSP consider "plus sized"? I finally lost enough weight to shop in regular stores so I'm guessing I'd be a C rather than a D but I want to be sure before I shell out the cash for a membership.

  1. Yes, from my understanding, size is the only difference. I'm an E, and am losing weight, so I asked MSP what size would change me to a B. She told me somewhere around a size 14 in Misses. You can sign up for whatever you think you are, and if needed, customer support can change your body type without charge.

  2. I thought I was a C but not sure. I have lost 65 lbs and plan on losing another 35 (at least) so I'm still overweight but I DO have a defined waist. When I did the "ID me", I was told I was a "D" and emailed to confirm and was told, yes, I was indeed a D. When I read about the D, I'm still not convinced as it said that bigger on the bottom than on top and while I may be a bit, I am also well endowed and wouldn't have considered myself "small on top". Some of the images I have seen for dressing a D are not things I would wear, such as a higher, rounded neckline but I do see that there are things that would look good on me also. I, too, can now shop in regular stores now but I think they have also smartened up a bit and some of their sizes are actually made larger than they used to be. Susan

  3. susieb, the "small on top" mostly concerns your shoulder width compared to your hip width. Some call this the pear shape. Here's the description: "Your legs, hips and bottom are ample. You may have some waist definition. Your shoulders are average to smaller compared to your lower body. You carry most of your weight in your lower half."

    Congratulations on the weight loss by the way.

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