Black sheer hose - yes or no?

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  1. I know that many people have stopped wearing hose, but I'm a lawyer and need to wear it for a professional look. Has black sheer hose gone out of style? I haven't seen it around in a while, and I usually wear nude hose, but some of my dark skirts look better (I think) with black sheer hose. Am I hopelessly outdated?

  1. The style now days is to wear your tights/hose the same color as your skirt and shoes.

  2. I wear black tights for warmth. I wear sheer black hose because I love how it makes my legs look.

    Black sheer hose is featured frequently in Vogue, Italian Vogue, and Paris Vogue. When I went to London in December 2011, the trend was to wear sheer black hose, and sheer patterned black hose with shorts(!), boots, and warm sweaters and jackets. Ages 16-I dunno, early 40's. I guess they're used to it (but I thought it was INSANE. It was COLD there).

    And Duchess Kate wears sheer black hose sometimes, albeit not with the same regularity of sheer nude hose or opaque tights. So I kind of figure if the royal house of England wears them, and they are featured in couture spreads, you're probably going to look just fine :)

  3. I saw a lot of women wearing hose to a dinner party I went to, mostly black. I think you are safe to wear them.

  4. I can't imagine how sheer black hose can go out of style! I feel that style is something that is your way of expressing yourself - no one has to be like everybody else Personally, I do not like the idea of going without hose when I am dressed up because I think that hose enhances what one wears. Just try on what you want to wear without hose, then try it with hose. I think then that you can easily make up your mind. Then, the heck with what is in style right now, so long as you aren't into fads or clothing that do not look right on you. Style is funny. One day you can wear something, then, kaboom, it is out!!

  5. I have always preferred black sheer hose for dark skirts and dresses it made my legs look longer, I thought. For a long time I wore a color called 'quicksilver' it had a dark grey/silver tint to it that I thought looked nice too-it was closer to a nude look, yet still didn't give such a contrast to the outfit. I don't know if it is still available, or even what brand. I only wear hose in the winter months and for the last several years I have worn maxi dresses/skirts and boots so, have not had to worry about hose as much. I did see some of the anchor women on The Weather Channel wearing black sheer hose last week! Does that help?

  6. My attorney wears fine-weave fishnet pantyhose, as do I. They look awesome, and are very fun to wear.

  7. I detest pantyhose, but recently purchased some to wear with a few dresses (ironically, I have a pair on right now). I actually buy up a size (1x) for comfort. Over the last several years, I have gotten into colored tights and various textured tights. In roller derby, I wear fishnets so I am most comfortable in those anyway. I have a variety of fishnets that are actually office appropriate (I work in a law firm). They can jazz up an outfit. As to sheer back hose...I agree with some of the posts...they are timeless in my opinion. They elongate my legs and lighten up my outfits. ~Amy

  8. I love the look of sheer black pantyhose for professional wear and for cocktail/party dresses. I think it looks very classy. I haven't worn hose in years but this is a style that I think looks great for winter wear.

  9. Just this morning on the Today Show two of the women were wearing sheer black pantyhose and they looked great. Timeless!

  10. I always wear black sheer hose or slightly thicker. I mostly wear dark skirts and they go very nicely !

  11. I always wear Opaque Dark Coverage Tight, comfy, and looks great on me also durable, have a look

  12. Yes, sheer black or dark grey tights/ hose are still in fashion.

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