Belts and Short Waisted Type B

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  1. I am 5'4" tall and wear a size 12, I am short waisted and have tried skinny belts and wide belts and they just don't look right on me, should I give up or is there something I am missing on this? I love scarves and pretty necklaces but when I try a belt it looks like my hips and boobs are attached to each other!

  1. Dear Dweller, I have somewhat the same problem. I match the belt to the bottoms. But having no belt, no belt loops, and no waistband is even better! Worse is when you grow a pooch. bert

  2. Catwoman - I am not tucking into pants and when I tried to wear the belt over the shirt it looked really stupid, the belly stands out too much when I try to wear it slung down low. I will have to try the matching belt thing and see if it's any better. At 50 I know you start to dress really weird or really fashionable, there is no middle! :)

  3. TrailDweller, when I want to wear a cute belt, I will also wear an open jacket. It makes me look like I have a waist when I really don't. Also, when wearing a belt over your top, wear it a little above your natural waist, not quite as high as an empire waist, but higher than usual. When you wear it slung low, it accentuates your mid section..wearing it higher the fabric skims over the tummy & looks much better. When I first started doing this, it felt funny, but now I'm used to it. BTW I'm over 50! Keep trying belts! Nancy

  4. Thanks Nancy, appreciate the advice, I was about to give up on belts altogether. I will keep trying and see what I can come up with. What works best for you, skinny or wide belts?

  5. Dear Dweller, I am 47, so you are scaring me. Gotta go purge my closet now. bert

  6. Dear TrailDweller, I, too, am short-waisted and have a difficult time with belts. I wear them two ways. If I tuck my shirt in underneath a jacket, I wear a thinner belt and try to match my belt to my shirt, creating a longer torso. If I wear a longer lenght shirt, I will wear a hip belt (wider width) just below my natural waist to create the illusion of a longer torso and blouson my shirt. I still struggle with belts and often feel that were not made for me. I hope you will keep on trying and experimenting.

  7. I am a short waited type B also and cannot find a way to wear belts that suits me. I will try the belted shirt under a jacket. That might work. It may be we are the one group that will have to do without the belts.

  8. I tried the belt under an open shirt and it worked. I put it above my waist, where and empire waist would be.

  9. thanks HelenChristine! I will try it out.

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