What to pack for an Alaskan Cruise

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  1. We are planning an Alaskan Cruise in mid July. Does anyone have tips on how to pack efficiently for the varying weather conditions we may encounter? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  1. I'm wondering the same thing. We are going to Alaska in August, both land touring and cruise. I found a "What to Pack" list on the website for our cruise company. Also googled "clothes for Alaska in August" and found an "Alaska Forum: What clothes do you recommend for Alaska summer travel?!" on trip advisor. It seems like the key is to pack layers because we will need warmer clothes on deck and when on glaciers. Rain gear is also important to have. My concern is how to pack for the varying weather conditions, yet travel light. I'm hoping to take one backpack and one carry one suitcase for me and the same for my husband. Lots of luck to both of us.

  2. I went on an Alaskin cruize and with the help of MSP's packing lists, I only packed a little to much. We needed two formal outfits for the formal dinners and every night if you were to eat in the dining rooms (not buffet) then you had to dress up (no jeans). It was a must to have good walking shoes for the land touring. Mix and match is a must. The last article that MSP did with a packing list was published 4-5-12 if you tend to save them all like I do as a reference. Here's what I actually used on my cruize: 2 formal dresses 2 casual dresses 1 pair of shorts 1 pair of jeans 4 shirts 1 jacket (it does get cold even in the summer) 1 shawl (for the dresses) 1 pair of tennis shoes 1 pair of birkenstocks (comfy sandles) 1 pair of dress shoes Undergarmets for the duration of the trip

  3. Thanks so much for the help. I fear overpacking and I think this gives me a good idea of what's useful. Sounds like keeping warm is the key.

  4. Dear Green, Wear a flashy colorful hat and scarf set so you look fabulous in all the pictures of you standing in front of icebergs and glaciers. bert

  5. Catwomanbert- I love the idea of a flashy hat and scarf. What a great way to look chic even in the very casual atmosphere of Alaska. Somewhere I read not to worry about being fashionable in AK , especially when you are out hiking or kayaking. Forget about jewelry, except for maybe stud type earrings! Figure my day pack will take the place of the colorful tote I usually carry. Hiking boots will take the place of my usual walking shoes. All this said, I'm still going to try to at least mix and match colors of my casual wardrobe so I look well put together and feel good about how I look. The cruise we are going on is a small boat, only 86 passengers, with no formal nights. So at least I don't have to worry about dressy attire.

  6. I went on a cruise to Alaska last July on Princess and everyone dressed very, very casually. For day, it was jeans, long sleeve T's and a sweater with a lightweight, removable lined jacket (one good for rain, so a hooded one works best). Layers are best, but I never took any of mine off! Of course, socks and good, comfortable walking shoes. Bring a hat and gloves for when you do an excursion to a glazier (highly recommend the helicopter to a glacier to do a dog run!) At night, black dress slacks and multiple tops and one dress for formal nights. No one swam or hung outside at night (too cold). We had beautiful weather the whole time we were there and the temps were about 55-65 during the day. It was so funny to see the men walking around town in Talkeetna without shirts on because they were hot! It was 65 that day. We also did a land excursion to Mt. McKinley and Denali; both locations were jeans appropriate, even at dinner at the lodges. The most casual, laid back vacation we ever took and our favorite so far!

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