Rolling Waist Bands

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  1. I'm a "E" with a completely undefined waist-round tummy but not excessively so. I've worn scrub pants for years due to my profession but now have to "dress" for work. I prefer "classic fit" pants, but I have a VERY difficult time finding pants that will stay at my waist after 30 minutes as they consistently roll down and I'm forever fussing and adjusting. I am not comfortable in "modern fit" pants, and elastic waists are worse. If I wear a belt, I have to cinch it so tight that I'm "choking", lol. I know I can't be alone in this dilemma and would LOVE to hear how you solve it!! Thanks so much! Donna

  1. Thanks so much. I am 5'5, but usually buy a petite for the leg length, as a regular "short" is too short. I will do the things you mentioned and report back!

  2. Do you wear dresses? If they fit and you can move in them, they can be more comfy than pants.

  3. I do wear some dresses...mostly sheath style with no waist definition...they ARE comfy..I hate to say it, but here's the issue: I am a manager, so need to dress the part; however, when I get to work most days, I have to change into scrubs, some days I stay that in scrubs and some days I have to stay dressed, even changing a couple of times...that means pantyhose or tights under pants, and I'd be picking an pulling at myself all day. Makes me feel like some days I should just wear jammies to work....but that's a complete no-no!

  4. Ooops, and I should have dress size 18-20, I don't always feel they are very flattering :(

  5. Oh, man! Changing clothes at work sounds so inconvenient. How about satin or velvet scrubs? Just kidding. I am out of ideas. bert

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