Why such a hard time with slacks!? Type b

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  1. Hey I love the new website format! I have found what I thought were a perfect cut of slacks but after wearing them I've noticed they ride up ok n the crotch area. It's not uncomfortable, but looks like a (blush) wedgie but up front! So what causes this...seriously. They fit perfect except for that! Are they maybe too tight through seat or thighs or something? Maybe they shrunk just a tad ok in the wash?

  1. Thanks Ginger! We are loving our new website too. The riding up in the crotch area is probably because the rise is now too short. You can get some of this from the thighs being a bit tight, but more than likely it's the RISE that shrunk on you! I hate that too and unfortunately being just under 6 feet tall...I personally have this dressing issue.

  2. I had to wait until i got home to take and post these two photos...I am guessing you are right on spot though. After viewing maybe it'll be obvious. Too bad! I have several of this same style in different fabrics and colors-I loved them when I first bought them (a MSP suggested product too!) OK now let me see if I can figure out how to post the pics...hmmmm. Thanks!

  3. OK here are a couple of photos of what I was talking about. I really loved these slacks-but I'm self conscious about wearing them so I have the feeling they'll be at Sally's pretty soon! Thanks MSP--always look forward to Thursday mornings! Was especially excited about swimsuit advice! Haven't looked so good in a bathing suit in YEARS! Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!


  4. Of course a lighter fabric shows imperfections even more. They almost fit right...but you know how that goes. You won't wear them. So sad to say they might be best at "Sally's". What brand are they? I hope not the Taylor fit ones from Nordy's. Have you ever tried wearing talls or if you are petite, regulars in the same style of pant? Just a thought. Also, I'm glad to hear your new swimsuit makes you smile! There's nothing like feeling good in a swimsuit :) Oh, happy days. FYI: You did get one picture to post. Good job Ginger. I'm happy you are here to post with me! Love, Leslie

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