What do you think of this color Eva Mendes is wearing?

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  1. I was looking through Style Watch and saw pretty Eva Mendes in this dress. In my opinion...BAD COLOR! The color is so bright it overwhelms her, I think. She looks like she's dressed for Halloween. What do you all think. By the way, I'm glad Leslie has this forum. Should be fun.


  1. I agree she is gorgeous but that is not a great colour for her. I think there is only a little black so it's ok. But what are those things attatched they look like baubles. She usually gets it so right but not this time in my opinion. Your right this is fun....

  2. Yes Julie and Karyn I'm in agreement. Not a good choice for someone who is often quite 'spot-on' with her fashion sense. It's a miss in my book!

  3. At first glance it looks like she has M+Ms all over her top! LOL Love the new website, Leslie!

  4. It's hard to really evaluate with the red stairs in the background. But I think it is a good color for her in general...just not at red carpet events!

  5. Maybe the dress would look better if the stairs weren't carpeted in red - but what other color might work? Turquoise perhaps.

  6. I agree turquoise would be a really pleasing color on her.

  7. That's one of my colors. I love it and I've gotten many compliments when I wear it. I think the problem is the black on it. I am always careful to avoid black when I wear any kind of orange in order to avoid the Halloween look.

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