Excessive Sweating

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  1. I'm only 35 and not overweight, but have had over productive sweat glands in my underarms since I can remember....it really limits the clothes I can wear without being embarassed. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you deal with it??

  1. I have found that medium colors tend to show sweat more so if I know I'm going to be somewhere that I will be hot (or nervous!), I make sure to wear either very light or very dark color tops. I also look for tops that aren't cut really tight up under the arms...go more for a raglan or dolman (spelling?) type of sleeve. I also keep a travel size anti-perspirant handy so I can re-apply if needed.

  2. Ask your pharmacist for a clinical strength anti-perspirant. There are several available that are not out on the shelves in the drugstore but are kept behind the counter. These are more effective than the regular products. Also, if you haven't spoken to your physician about it yet, do so. You may need your thyroid checked. I believe there are also prescription anti-perspirants that you might find very helpful.

  3. Years ago I suffered from excessive underarm perspiration. My doctor prescribed DrySol for me. It worked like a charm! I think it may be available without a prescription now, but personally, I find that Secret antiperspirant works best for me...and I don't even have to use the clinical strength Secret to keep dry.

  4. I have also tried the prescription one. I asked my doc and he was more than happy to write the prescription. It has changed my life! I am less worried about being near to ppl because I am worried I stink. Go get it!

  5. Yes, I have had hyperhidrosis, google this. For years I could only wear black, and only some shades of black. I would sweat in winter when I was freezing cold. It's very embarrassing for sure, especially when others don't understand your issue. I conduct choirs for a living and got very tried of having people see big pit stains on my clothes. I went to my Dr. and he couldn't help, he did give me lots of things to try, but it was like a band aid on a gaping wound. Until I did some research and found a Dr. in another state. I had a outpatient surgery done where they cut two nerves(t4, t5) on both sides and I haven't had any sweat come from my armpits for 7 years. It's called Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. I don't sweat under my arms or my hands ever. I do sweat some, very little on my feet and waist band, but NOTHING like the armpits. This surgery changed my whole life. I now wear color and feel free to raise my hands. Just to let you know this medical problem is inherited. My young son has the same problem, so did my dad. My health Insurance paid for this because it's consider a medical problem. Good luck! I hope you find a good solution. The surgery only requires a couple of band aids and recovery is easy.

  6. In the meantime, have you tried dress shields? They have been around forever and the modern ones are like little armpit panty liners. On that note, in an emergency, you can actually use panty liners. When I've worn vintage, hard-to-clean clothing/costumes on movie sets, I've been given panty liners to wear as dress shields. Hope that helps.

  7. I agree with everyone else, see your doctor or dermatologist. A woman I worked with had sweaty arm pits and feet, and she got an RX strength deodorant and her problem was solved. She used it on her feet as well because they were rather strong.

  8. My 17 year old daughter also suffered from hyperhidrosis. Rx strength deodorants didn't help at all. She would always wear black or dark clothes and would have to change several times a day. I did some research and found a newish treatment called miraDry. She had some relief after the first treatment and has almost stopped sweating completely after the second treatment. She could probably go for a third and stop all together. They say it takes two to three treatments. It is not intrusive, but it does cause bruising and swelling. It has really made a difference in her life.

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