Who in your life has been your biggest style influence?

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  1. This category was created so we can share where we got our style influences from. Sometimes our style has evolved from a variety of sources, sometimes it was just one person that really influenced us. From our mothers or other close women in our life, our sense of style speaks louder than words! We may also “steal” style influence (ideas) from our favorite celebrities! Start a conversation! Who in your life has been the biggest style influence and why? What’s your style type? Are you sporty, feminine, boho chic, or would you describe your style another way? Tell us about your style sense and where you get your style influence? FIRST QUESTION: Who in your life has been the biggest style influence in your life and why? Has your style been influence by different people at different times in your life or always the same person or group of people? FOR ME, I'd say it was my mom. When I was a little girl, my mom was an executive secretary (remember secretaries?) and dressed in a smart-classic manner everyday! I loved how pretty she looked and wanted to look like her when I grew up! HERE ARE 2 PHOTOS OF MY CLASSIC STYLE. (CLICK on pictures to enlarge). Love, Leslie MSP

  1. Okay, here are my pictures, LOL!


  2. I've always thought Doris Day was the ultimate classy gal. None of the women in my family made any effort to be stylish, so to me those old classic movie actresses were the picture of what it meant to be chic.

  3. You MSP have been the biggest influance to me. The celebrities I like are Cindy Crawford & Mila Kunis.

  4. The biggest influence has been MSP.

  5. My grandmother. She was a teacher for 35 years and always looked so put together. She used to wear leather clogs around the house instead of slippers because she thought they looked more put together than flat slippers. After thinking about this question, I have always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn's style. Working on getting there with your help :)

  6. Leslie is the biggest influence. A life-saver! I feel so much better about myself after my MSP Makeover (see "Michelle's Makeover - Type B"). It was worth every penny. Right now, due to life circumstances, aka divorce, money is tight. I am doing ALL of my clothes shopping at thrift stores, but thanks to Leslie, I still look and feel like a million bucks. I'm just very choosy - I ONLY buy Type-B clothes that look brand, spankin' new, and that are high end. They're out there, although it does take a bit of looking. But so worth it to find a $400 blazer for $5. Thank you, Leslie! And I love your new website, and this new forum! You rock.

  7. My older sister has. Until I got my color type analysis my wardrobe was in my sister's coloring. She is a Spring I am a Summer. She worked in the fashion industry and she used to hand down her clothes to me with her unfinished lipsticks. I loved them: the feel of hand finishings [once you have it is difficult to wear off-racks...] and, as I lived in the country far from Paris where she lived, they were still stylish by the time I got to wear them! Anyway, nearly 50 years ago, fashion was slower, isn't it? Her style was more sophisticated as she was going out a lot and she used more jewelry and accessories, Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey like. I was and am still more of natural type, and even as I live in thea large metropolis now, most of the time my style is casual with simple stones. And now I use your advices for my body type and I am grateful, I feel and look a lot longer.

  8. Sorry for mistyping: I meant: I feel and look a lot younger [I probably thought "live longer"!]

  9. My first influence was my mother who had almost black wiry curly hair, brown eyes and olive skin. She loved wearing bright clear colours. I am a summer with fair skin colour and light brown hair, blue eyes. Only since I have been following MSP have I realised that I have been following Mum's colour likes and dislikes even though they did not necessarily suit me! I now experiment with summer colours such as purple which my mother hated and which suits me well. As for style it is only since joining MSP that I have learnt to dress for my shape. I know what suits me and this gives me lots of confidence. I love shopping for high-end clothes but I don't want to spend the money so I enjoy picking up designer wear from op (thrift) shops. (My most recent find was an expensive thermal wear long sleeved top which cost $6 and is online for $160.) I never thought I would enjoy fashion but it is fun looking at people walking by and working out why they look stylish or how they could dress more appropriately for their shape. I still am learning lots all the time of course.

  10. My auntie who lived in a large city and always came to visit with the news of "the latest". When I was in college our Director was a stylish woman in her late fifties, wearing stilettos, pencil skirt and fitted tops - I aspired to be like her. And I love Joan Collins sense of glamour. I am "B" and winter, so elegant comes easy now. In my teens I wanted to be like Twiggy - that of course was impossible, same for Audrey H - a very different shape. Wearing flaties makes me look and feel short, not stylish!

  11. I also say you, Leslie!

  12. I didn't think much about style until a few months ago when someone on sparkpeople mentioned missus smarty pants and I joined this site. Thanks for all the advice, Leslie. I was fascinated by what I was learning and devoured information. I couldn't get it quickly enough here, so I went searching on the internet and read on different sites too. I enjoyed information on the fashionista website, but love reading Imogene Lamports blogs on Inside Out. I've eliminated all my clothes that aren't in my color or body type, but am still trying to learn how to put outfits together that flatter me and trying to figure out what my style is. I bought a color wheel and have been studying it. I put on outfits and take pictures of myself to see what is flattering. I'm still pretty foggy on my style. I know I look best in pencil skirts and straight legged pants, but the tops are a mystery to me. I just bought a bolero cardigan and a long flowy cardigan and am experimenting with them. I've always loved wearing jewelry and still do. I never thought of having more than one purse before! Never occurred to me... I like feminine things and flowy things and clingy things. I really like tops that have a knot at the bust and empire waist, but as they go over my belly... I'm not sure they look that good...maybe I need to wear cardigans with my tops to make them look better. I've spent way too much money on clothes since I came to this site, but I feel like I need to practice what I'm learning. I love the vanishing panties from Soma and I'm trying to find the right bra for me. If I lose 20 lbs, I will have a whole 'nother wardrobe to play with as I've kept my favorite things in that size. I have 5 kids so my weight is always going up and down with pregnancies. My youngest is 2 so it's time to lose those extra 20-30 lbs I've been carrying around since I had him.

  13. Leslie MSP first, and Christine Lagarde second. Also Rita Levi-Montalcini is amazing; she is a Noble Prize winner; she is 103 years old, and she is the most stylish and elegant woman on the planet. Hats off.

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