What's the hardest part of dressing for your body type?

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  1. Dear SYSters, This forum category has been created so you can chat about anything specific to your body type. All body types can use some support as they learn to dress in clothes that are best for their shape. Here you can post questions about your body type specific dressing needs and help each other discover the most flattering styles! POSTING TIP: When ‘starting a conversation’ here PLEASE use your body type (A-E) in the posting title. For example... “Body Type E wondering about shirt length”. This way anyone with the same body type can quickly read and respond to YOUR body type posting. FIRST QUESTION: What is the hardest part of dressing well based on your body type? Please answer by ‘starting a conversation’ based on your body type (A-E) For me, when I feel perplexed about what to wear (or have gained a few pounds) wearing a dress always makes me feel good and well put-together! How about you?


  1. Definitely pants! I am a body type C and finding pants that are small enough in the waist, but big enough in the hips isn't easy. I also have thicker thighs and knees so they can't be to clingy. I do get mine altered when needed, but that is costly. I have read some of the comments on paying only $5-$10 for bringing in the waist, but the tailors I use charge $15 to begin with and go up from there if they feel it is more involved. If any other "C's" out there have a favorite brand that they love because of the smaller waist/fuller hip, I would love to hear about them.

  2. My style issue has been finding just the right shorts...and jeans too. At least that's the latest dilemna. I am a "B" with a long torso so the rise has been an issue. If the rise is the least bit too low I look like my legs are too short. If it's the least bit too high I look like I'm wearing MOM jeans/shorts. I have read the articles so I will not give up! AND more importantly, I will NOT purchase any until I find JUST THE RIGHT ONES! (GO ME!)

  3. I clicked on the pic and made it larger... cute dress, where did you get it!

  4. I'm a type "B", and ditto pants. I've always loved flare and bootcut pants, but I'm 5'2" and understand those only make me look stubbier. But all the classic fit jeans I wear just... don't seem right. I almost always have a big overhang in the back, even if it looks good everywhere else. I've been losing weight, so I admit I'm kinda hoping the problem just resolves itself. :)

  5. I am having trouble finding colors, not styles for my type B self. I find the styles I like but my main wardrobe colors are chocolate brown and navy blue because I am an autumn. I use green, turquoise (teal) and coral for my accent colors, I added white for summer. I find a lot that I like but they are usually black, pink, or purple.

  6. I'm a Summer C and I have a hard time with a bit of it all. I have two pairs of shorts that fit and I wear them even though my husband says they look bad on me. I know it's aweful but sometimes it's just to hot out and I cave to what I still have in the closet. For jeans, it's so hard to find ones that fit, are affordable, and don't wear out between the thighs in 1 season. For shirts, it's hard to find ones that fit my large chest yet don't look like a tent over my now smaller waist. If it's a tank top, then the arm holes tend to pucker out and show my bra. Oh, the diffuclties of finding clothes! At lest I'm great with skirts and dresses.

  7. Body Type A - My shoulders are a size larger than the rest of me. I have started having my shirts altered, as you suggested, but not everything can be altered. Sleeveless tops and dresses are wonderful, but I wish I could find regular tops and dresses that fit off the rack.

  8. What does 'average to smaller' shoulders mean on a Type C? I look in the mirror and my shoulders are in line with the sides of my trunk. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

  9. I'm a Body Type D, Summer and my biggest challenge in dressing is getting bottoms (pants, capris, skirts and some dresses) that are wide enough in the hip and small enough in the waist. I've pretty much given up ... I just received capri pants from Old Navy that I ordered, and I have to have the waist taken in. I find "fit and flare" dresses and A-line skirts fit better than most, but even then I have had to get skirts tailored. But really, in the grand scheme of things, if this is my biggest dressing dilemma, that's not so bad.

  10. Type C here. Pants are definitely the biggest problem. If they fit in the hips, they are HUGE in the waist. And forget finding pants that fit in the thighs--they are all made for women with skinny legs. Further complicating things is the roll of excess tummy skin leftover from being pregnant with twins 16 years ago. There's no getting rid of that without surgery.

  11. Levi's 512 have helped me with my small waist/large behind and thighs. I also bought a product at JoAnn Fabric store that is like an elastic belt that clips on the your back belt loops to tighten up any pair of pants without belt buckle bulge in the front--very helpful!

  12. Type D Petite, I am having the hardest time with armholes. They are all too big or too long and it is too hot here in Phoenix, AZ to wear camis under everything. I'm not a seamstress and it costs me $20.00 to have dress straps shortened. Karen

  13. Franspillane Hi, do you buy to fit your shoulders then have the rest taken in? karyn

  14. Karyn - yes, that is what I have started to do. It does help with some clothes, but still a challenge to not look like I am a line backer.

  15. Body type C - @mmoore47 - I purchased through a mail catalogue the new Levi's Curve ID jeans with a number of options depending of curve and fullness. Thanks to Leslie and her advice. I choose the Demi Curve ID, Classic Fit and Straight leg but made a mistake when I selected the size since the material contains some strech. But it will be OK in the Asian summer and its heat and the high humidity level. That is true that pants are the most difficult piece of wardrobe to buy without trying it... Bravo the Team for your successful webpage lifting.

  16. Body type C -- and I agree with the previous comments about pants. By the time I can get some of them over my thighs, they are *huge* in the waist (which sometimes means that they're droopy in the rear, too). Plus, they are almost always too long, too -- like drag below the shoe and onto the ground long. I am lucky that my mother sews well, so I don't have to pay for alterations, but she lives in a different state, so there's always a time delay in actually being able to wear any pants I purchase. I guess the gray slacks I purchased at a Chico's spring sale will need to wait for next fall/winter.

  17. When I buy cute jeans that are shapely and snug, I can't keep them up since they drift and scooch down every time I sit/lean. When I buy pants that fit in my waist, they are baggy in the rear.

  18. Joallyblue I am very interested in that product you bought at a Jo Ann fabric store that is like a belt which clips onto belt loops at the back of pants to tighten them. Jo Ann fabric store does not ship to Australia so I will need the name of that gadget to help me try and find one here. Thanks for mentioning it - it sounds like the answer to my gaping problem too.

  19. C here. My tummy, above the belly button, sticks out. I didn't save your article on that fitting problem after I read fit, and wish I had. I also wish you had shown pictures of women with this problem :) I am using some narrow belts, but am never quite sure how it early looks. I am self conscious about looking pregnant! Which I am too old for at 50, by the way!

  20. To lgaston4: the answer is mid-rise pants. Too short of a rise and you get muffin top, too high and you get the pooch below the waist. Buy pants that cut right across the poofiest part of your tummy, but loosely (if it's too tight the belly will find its way over or under the waistline, and you'll be amazed at the difference.

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