what to do with a wrinkly neck!

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  1. I would love some ideas from other older women about what they do to disguise their wrinkly neck or perhaps to divert attention away from it. So far I have used scarves, and necklaces. Any ideas would be appreciated. Maybe you just have to ignore it!

  1. Thanks for post. I don't have good answers but am interested in how other "older" women deal with this. I usually just wear nice earrings that will attract attention and hope that tricks the eye.

  2. Yes I guess that is all you can do - trick the eye. I used to wear mostly round neck tops but I can see now that v-necks really do look better even if more of my "chicken neck" is visible. In winter time I wear turtle necks sometimes (for the cold) and wear a scarf or necklace to make a V. Even wearing a small necklace can act as camouflage I have found too. I haven't been wearing earrings very often lately so I will get back to wearing them more. Thanks for your answer.

  3. I'm 61, lost a lot of weight, and have the same problem. I've found my worst enemy is a turtleneck, and my best pals are V-necks. A scarf, if it's colorful and interestingly and loosely tied, can be very flattering, as are longer - but not excessively long - necklaces. My hair is short, and by wearing interesting earrings, I can also divert the eye from that excess skin. As Leslie's often said, crew necks are really bad news...so I avoid 'em like the plague. I guess by leading the eye right to my face, ears, or collarbone level, I steer attention away from that problem area.

  4. Thanks Samichort for your comment. I am just back from a week away with no internet so just got your reply. Yes I just don't wear crew necks at all. It took me quite a long time to be brave enough to wear V-necks but I feel comfortable now if I wear a scarf or necklace. In winter time I like wearing turtlenecks because I feel the cold so much but i try to scrunch them down not fold them and that looks better (I think!) It is hard to talk about being cold today because it is extremely hot here. The fire weather warning is "catastrophic" - the worst possible, because high winds are expected too. the forecast is for 43 degrees centigrade - approximately 109 F. This would be the third highest temp ever in Sydney.It is 38 on my verandah.Thanks very much for your reply. We all have bits of us which we do not like so we just have to concentrate on our more presentable bits!

  5. During summer in Phoenix I sometimes wear long or 3/4 length sleeves to prevent spots. Also homes and cars are air conditioned. Flipping the collar and wearing a smile makes me notice my neck less. Be happy and focus on the positives.

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