Capsule! I can do this!

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  1. I thought that this weeks style article was a great, empowering article for a style drop-out like me. I joined MSP about a month ago because I have worn out practically all of my clothes and didn't know what to buy to clothe myself. I'm finding a lot of this MSP stuff is overwhelming when I don't really have anything to start with. What to buy first if I cant afford to buy all at once? But this capsule thing, I think I can do this!

    Lets see:

    1. A basic dress: I don't have anything quite as simple as the dress shown. And definitely not something that I can put a shirt *underneath*. Is this dress supposed to be in one of my neutrals?

    2. An a-line skirt: I have two black A-line skirts, but as a summer, apparently this is not one of my neutrals. Is that okay since it's not near my face?

    3. Dress slacks: I have a nice pair of lined wool dress pants that I can get tailored to fit better through the hips and thighs. They are in a dark charcoal color, which is okay!

    4. Dark denim jeans: I just got a pair!

    5. Classic blazer: not sure what counts here. I have a sort of greyish pink wool blazer, and a plum jacket that goes with the only suit (favorite) I saved from my CPA days (I'm a stay-at-home mom currently.) But maybe this is supposed to be a neutral.

    6. Denim blazer: got it!

    7. A cardigan sweater: I've got one in a brick red that is not terribly flattering, but good with jeans or slacks. I also got a 3/4 sleeve one suggested by MSP, because I loved it. I don't have anything to wear underneath it though. I think I need a cream colored 3/4 shirt, v-neck.

    So, to get started, it looks like I need a dress, maybe an a-line skirt, maybe a blazer, and a cream colored 3/4 sleeve shirt. I need to get the slacks tailored and also need to get some shirts (because MSP assumes I have some decent non-long-sleeve-t-shirts to choose from O_O ). And I'd LOVE to get a pair of tall boots. :)

    Do you plan on using the capsule idea?

    Rachel Body type - A; Color - summer

  1. Coming back with a sort of general question. MSP often points out that we should spend our money on good quality, lasting, wardrobe items; yet the shopping guides are for stores that vary widely in terms of quality. Are these shopping guides meant to point us toward items for supplementing the better quality "bones" of our wardrobe, or do I just have a different idea of quality than her?

  2. 1 yes, 2 yes, 7 give the red cardigan away.

  3. Wow, Rachel! Are you ever off to a great start! Yes, it does sound like you're developing a very good capsule wardrobe, and I can't add to your great progress so far. LOVE the idea that you got the dark denims (YEAHHH!! You'll never regret 'em!) and lovely charcoal slacks! Charcoal is such a refreshing replacement for the usual old black; what a great neutral. As for the basic dress, if it were in one of your neutrals, you could accessorize it with so many different pops of color to create the illusion of *many* different dresses. Congratulations!!

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