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  1. Welcome to the MissusSmartyPants Style Forum. This forum was created for sharing our style successes and dressing dilemmas with each other. We can also upload pictures. It’s a social support group for women using the MSP Personal Profile system. However, you don’t have to be a paid member to participate, but you will find it very helpful if you are. It’s easy to join! Simply create a username and password. That way you can ‘start a conversation’ or ‘reply’ to any forum post. There are only a few requirements for being part of this group... First, bookmark: http://www.missussmartypants.com/ and check back often to view the newest style conversations (no email notifications will be sent to you). Next, be kind and respectful when replying to posts. You’ll find a variety of women here...from style newbies to well seasoned fashion divas. We can all learn from each other. Lastly, feel free to post style questions, upload pictures, and reply to all the postings but do NOT post any links or solicit in any manner. Any posting deemed offensive, controversial or off-topic could be deleted and are at sole discretion of Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants and her style crew. Oh, one more thing...have fun and enjoy your Style Forum! Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

  1. Just wanted to say that the new site looks amazing and I love having MSP forums! I've been a member for over a year and just renewed a few months ago, and still very much getting started. Having someplace to go with questions when I'm feeling overwhelmed or just need second opinions is going to be a big help!

  2. The new site is wonderful! I was having some serious MSP wishdrawals last week when I couldn't reach my profile! Before MSP, I didn't like to clothes shop at all, so having the links that "introduce" me to different stores has been good for my style (and to my surprise, very fun!). I tell the kids I'm "window shopping." Thanks for all you do to help us out, Leslie.

  3. Thanks! I'm loving the new website too! I'll post how to login here to help others... To login to your Personal Profile: use the box in the upper right-hand corner. You will land on your "My Account" page. Now click on "My Personal Profile & Style Articles". Bam! You are in! Enjoy! Leslie

  4. Straffan, I'm glad you found it...it's kinda right out there yet you might pass over it at first! For others reading this..simply login using the box in the upper right-hand corner. You will land on your "My Account" page. Now click on "My Personal Profile & Style Articles"...bam! You are in!

  5. Great Site!! Love It XOXO!!!

  6. Leslie, Your new site looks great but I cant find how to check my personal shopping profile. Is there a button I'm not noticing? I'm a B. Thanks in anticipation

  7. Never mind, I just found it under my membership

  8. Love the new style of the site.

  9. Hi Leslie! The new website is fantastic and looks incredibly swish! :) I was wondering if it was still possible to save a copy of the weekly articles onto my own computer as I only seem to be able to view them within the website at the moment and not through adobe? Thanks Gemma x

  10. nlubbren, Go to your 'my account' page. right below your email/name you will see a box. Click the 'browse' button and it will open a window to your 'my pictures' on your computer. Select a photo you would like. (All images posted must be 2MB or less)

  11. I love the new interactive forum. Just wondering, though, about the captchas that I have to complete every single time I make a post? Once I've signed in to the site, I'm assuming the site is secure so is there a way of turning off these endless captchas? Thank you!! :-)

  12. P.S. Also how do I upload a picture?? Thank you! :-)

  13. To upload your avatar picture...go to your account page (click on MY ACCOUNT) in the upper right hand log in box...then click on 'browse'. You can then select a photo from your computer you want to use!

  14. Most forums will save where you left off in a topic so that, when you come back to it, you go to the first unread post in that discussion. That isn't happening here. Is there something I need to do to turn that feature on or is it non-existent here?

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