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  1. i have not figured out how to use this program at all. i have subscribed once before and let my subscription lapse because i could not figure out how to navigate and be able to access the current "advice" I am not new to using the computer or blog reading or newsletter reading etc. but this one has me stumped.i have resubscribed so having let the old subscription lapse is nt why i cannot figure things out,

  1. Brenda, Welcome back! I don't want you to be confused...I want you to start having fun with your style! Just like the ladies here are!
    Start by logging in (Gray box in the upper right-hand corner) the button and you will be sent to your "My Account" page. When you have an active Personal Profile you will see a body image and LINK on the right side of the page...CLICK ON THE LINK: "My Personal Profile & Style Articles".
    You will be directed to your Personal Profile (body type information: shopping guides + style article)! ENJOY...and don't forget to post and let us know how you are doing on your style journey! Love, Leslie MSP

  2. I do have to agree with Brendalynne... even though I am able to access the articles, I do not understand why the page when you log on does not direct one better to the article links. It is a confusing layout, even for seasoned internet users. Just a suggestion? I love the articles, forums, etc.

  3. I let my subscription lapse for the same reason. I just couldn't find the information easily and it bacame a source of frustration. But, I've lost 40 pounds and my body is different. I need new clothes and I'm a fashion disasater! A bit of help is better than no help! :)

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