Thank you ladies! And MSP!

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  1. Thank you everyone for your posts - they are SO enlightening! And thank you MSP for all you do! Some people may think that style is frivolous, but I think it is SO important and empowering. I'm a back to MSP after being gone for some time - and I am loving these posts! I didn't realize what I was missing!! I hope to start posting some of my pics soon (if I get brave). I am 50, body type E (pretty sure), plus size 16 on bottom - 18 on top and I often wonder if I am dressing age and body type appropriately. HelenChristine - you always look so beautiful! You seem like you know your colors and body type perfectly! I cannot believe you have 5 kids and always look so pulled together! Gesnermor - you look great, too. I would have never guessed you are plus size OR only 5'4"! You look great to me - tall and thin!! So anyway, I have a question, or a request - can you all start posting your body type, size, seasonal color type, etc - anything that will help me get a better handle on what will look good on me? That way, i can say - I'm similar coloring, or I'm similar size/body type - maybe I should try that. Am I way off base? Too Much Info to share? Would that make you uncomfortable? Just suggestions...

  1. I am a Type C - Cute Curves (although cute is not exactly how I define my curves) and am a Winter on the color id. I am 42 yrs old and am 5'9". Because I do roller derby, my body is essentially three different sizes. I have a tiny waist, big hips and big thighs. Pants are a true nightmare for me because what fits my hips/thighs usually leaves a gaping hole at my waist. I have recently rejoined this site as well. Posting the pics was daunting at first but it has helped me realize when I am NOT wearing the proper clothes to fit my body type. I'm taking baby steps in getting my closet purged. I usually purge it anyway twice a year and truthfully, most of the clothes I have left are pretty decent for my body type. I am a big fan of What Not to Wear and it has helped me over the years to find styles that suit me and my curves. This site is really on target and what I love most is that it shows us how to find real clothes - I can't afford to spend $300 on a pair of jeans like they do on TV. Lol!! Don't be afraid to one is here to judge and we can all learn from each other. ~Amy

  2. Awww, thank you, you are kind! I have been a subscriber for a while, but it's just this fall that I have really started to understand more about how to dress to balance my shape. Taking pictures of my outfits has been a huge breakthrough for me, even though it is sometimes hard to look at the pictures.

    I am 5'4" and wear a size 20 for the most part. I have a defined, proportionately very short waist, short legs, and a lot of booty and stomach below my waist *smile*. I'm a body type D. When I weigh less I am a body type B. I am 49 years old, and I am an Autumn.

    The very best thing you can do for yourself is to subscribe and ask MSP to ID you as to body type and color season, that way you don't have to guess :-) Maybe you can ask for it for a gift this season!

    Elaine in CO

  3. Hello MSP Thanks for coming shopping with me today. I found some great tall boots on sale. Can I think of 3 ways to wear these? Yep. Good quality? Yep. Colour good? Yep. I'm an autumn and brown boots will work well for me. And as a bonus, found a jade/turquoise print cardigan that goes great with my spring & summer basics. Fits perfectly? Check. Can be worn three ways? Check. Love colour? Check. I don't buy stuff just because it's a bargain anymore - although I'd still like to brag about updating my spring wardrobe with 3 bright new items for less than $80. Thanks Lori Waiting for Spring in Ontario, Canada

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